28-year-old Lansing Man Arraigned on 4 Felony Weapon and Firearms Charges

On Monday, October 22, 28-year-old Sier Laone White of Lansing was arraigned on four felony charges. White went before Lansing District Judge Hugh Clarke after being charged with carrying a concealed weapon, receiving and concealing a firearm, possession of a firearm by a felon and felony firearm.

News reports state that White allegedly fired a handgun on Sunday evening, and that Lansing police responded after reports of shots being fired around 11 p.m. in the 2300 block of Beal Avenue.

When police investigated the report, they found two men walking in the area, who they tried to contact. White allegedly took off running when officers attempted to talk to them, according to police who then gave chase and apprehended White when he was unable to scale a large fence. Police also allege that White tossed a handgun which was loaded over the fence as they closed in on him. Officers retrieved the gun, and arrested White without incident. The man who was walking with White when police arrived was questioned and released.

News reports state that broken glass and shell casings were found in the area where gunshots were heard. No injuries were reported according to Lansing police Public Information Officer Robert Merritt.

White will face a pretrial conference on October 29 and a preliminary examination on November 1, both before Lansing District Judge Frank DeLuca. A $10,000 cash surety bond was set by Judge Clarke.

Michigan gun crime attorneys understand the seriousness of these types of charges, and the consequences individuals often face if convicted. Depending on the circumstances, those convicted may face substantial monetary fines, jail/prison time, and a permanent criminal record. Talented lawyers use their experience, knowledge and skill to prepare a vigorous defense which may be based on issues including whether the firearm or weapon was loaded or operable, whether your intent was to use it for hunting, and more.

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