Common Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Myths

If your driver’s license has been suspended due to DUI, you may have a “little” knowledge about the restoration process and believe that with this basic understanding, you can win at a DAAD/DLAD hearing. As experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorneys, we want to clear up a few common myths regarding license restoration.

You can do it on your own, and don’t need a skilled lawyer. Of course anyone can get lucky and win at a DAAD hearing, however it is highly unusual. The fact is, in Michigan the denial rate at these hearings is high – and if you lose, you still do not have the privilege to drive. Why risk something as important as being able to drive? In addition, you will have to wait another year to file for another hearing.

If you do not win your DAAD hearing, you can simply appeal the decision. Michigan gives Hearing Officers an incredible amount of discretion, so appealing in the Circuit Court will likely not result in a full reversal of the officer’s decision. You may be able to get another hearing before the one year time period has passed, however the more times you go back for a DAAD hearing, the worse your chances of getting your license reinstated may be, due to problem evidence or inconsistencies/conflicts in the information/documentation you provide each time. Why not do it the first time with a highly qualified attorney, and not have to go through it again?

You can get a license by moving out of the state. This is a myth many people believe. Today, there is a National Driver Index that allows for other states to see any issues with your driver’s license. In most states, you must clear up the suspension or revocation issue in Michigan before the other state will issue a license.

Most people are not successful in their first attempt at a DAAD hearing. This is a surprisingly common myth, and one that is far from the truth. With an experienced Michigan driver’s license restoration attorney, your case will be handled the way it should be – and your chance of having your license reinstated will be excellent.

Any attorney can successfully handle your case. Having a lawyer is better than going it on your own, right? Not necessarily. Attorneys who are highly familiar with DLAD hearings and who have hands-on experience are aware of every potential problem, and the importance of properly submitting all documentation/evidence. Your attorney should be aware of the fact that past issues can affect your chances of winning, including probation for a past crime, psychological issues, pending court cases, drug or alcohol relapse history, credibility issues, and more. The more familiar your attorney is with what is required at these hearings and the better his/her track record in these types of cases, the better your chances of winning.

These are just a few of the many myths surrounding driver’s license restoration in Michigan. If your license has been suspended or revoked, work with a qualified lawyer who has substantial experience and is dedicated to a good outcome.

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