California School Bus Driver Shows Up for Route Intoxicated

Last week, a Thermalito, California woman who is employed as a school bus driver in the Thermalito Union School District was arrested while on her way for her morning bus route, according to a news article at Action News Now.

Kimberly Oxley was reportedly on her way to work in her personal vehicle when an anonymous citizen alerted the Oroville Police and reported Oxley was drunk. According to Assistant Police Chief Al Byers, she has no prior criminal history with the Oroville Police Department. He also added that in addition to being arrested for drunk driving, the department was looking into additional charges in connection with Oxley attempting to drive a school bus that day, considering police suspect she was consuming alcohol as recently as two hours prior to being arrested at the bus yard.

While the school district said in the report that it would not determine her employment fate until Oxley had an opportunity to state her case through a Skelly hearing, Byers said his department filed the paperwork to hopefully prevent Oxley from getting her bus license back.

Drunk driving is a serious offense for anyone, but particularly for those who possess a CDL or bus license for employment purposes. Not only may an individual lose the license he/she needs to work, but criminal penalties are serious as well and may include steep fines, possible jail time, community service, and more.

In the state of Michigan, individuals who hold CDL licenses may be arrested for driving under the influence with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .04%, which is half of the .08% legal limit for other drivers. In addition, refusal to submit to a chemical test will result in license suspension up to one year, according to the state’s implied consent law.

Drivers of school buses, commercial trucks, cabs, and other commercial vehicles are subject to amplified penalties when charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Essentially, your freedom, employment, and reputation are at great risk. If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI offense, consult with an experienced Michigan DUI attorney who will work not only to protect you from serious criminal penalties, but your CDL license as well.

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