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On Tuesday, August 25, a Detroit Police Officer who had been suspended after being accused of a drive-by shooting at a Ray Township assisted-living home was sentenced to prison. Clifford E. Gullion now faces a minimum of three years in prison, and termination from the Detroit Police Dept. is underway, according to a news article at 17821516_s

Gullion allegedly opened fire on the assisted-living facility located near 29 Mile and Romeo Plank in April using a .40-caliber gun. He had been on medical leave from the police department for several months at the time the incident occurred. No one was hit by the gunfire.

The motive for the shooting appeared to be a dispute Gullion’s wife had with the husband of a patient living at the home; his wife is an in-home caretaker.

For months, someone has been setting fire to abandoned homes in Saginaw; now, police believe they have their man, although his name cannot be released pending his arraignment. News reports do indicate the suspect is 49 years old, and police along with residents are relieved to get the man police are calling a “serial arsonist” off the streets. 1209539_lighting_a_match_2

Following police interviews with the suspect, Michigan State Police Lt. David Kaiser said the man is responsible for at least 14 of the fires that have occurred in recent months. He also said that the interviews did not reveal why the man set the fires, and no motive can be determined.

How did police catch the suspect? According to Kaiser, police set up on various homes in Saginaw on Tuesday the 18th anticipating the man would return to the scene of the crimes. Police were in luck; the suspect did return to a house that had been set on fire in the past. He was holding a cup police believed was filled with accelerant. Police say he struck again, and police confronted the man as he was walking away from the scene. The suspect dropped the cup, and police took him into custody. Meanwhile, the home the suspect had returned to had a porch that was noticed to be in flames by other officers.

On Sunday, August 9, 24-year-old Antonio Lee Albert and 34-year-old Jason Jordan were reportedly in the backseat of a car in Southeast Grand Rapids when an argument began. According to news reports, Albert exited the vehicle, walked around to the other side, then shot at Jordan three to four time, striking him twice in the head. 17821516_s

The vehicle the two were riding in was stopped at a red light in the vicinity of Franklin Street SE and Eastern Avenue as the driver of the car was waiting for the light to turn green. The shooting took place at approximately 7 a.m.

Albert then walked away from the scene, however the driver of the vehicle took the victim to a local hospital, where he died just a short time after his arrival. For several days police were asking for the public’s help in finding Albert; on Thursday he turned himself in. The driver of the car and others who were in the vehicle identified Albert as the man who shot Jordan.

Recently, 51-year-old Richard France was arrested on several weapons and other charges after he attempted to shoot out the tires of a vehicle containing two passengers during a domestic assault.Protecting Yourself Against Personal Crimes Pic

According to a news report at Up North Live, France, a resident of East Jordan in Charlevoix County, used an assault rifle in the incident, which occurred on Monday, July 27. At just after 8:30 p.m. deputies were called to the area of Healey and Jaquay Roads in Wilson Township, the report involving a domestic assault according to a news release from Charlevoix County Sheriff Don Schneider.

Officers encouraged France to surrender by communicating with him via telephone and negotiated with the suspect, however the alleged victim had escaped the residence before negotiations began. France eventually surrendered to police without incident; there were no reports of injuries.

On May 29, 32-year-old Joseph Mauti of Independence Township was taken into custody for allegedly killing his wife, 3-year-old Lindsey Mauti, with a baseball bat. According to news reports at The Oakland Press, Mauti beat his wife and dog in front of the couple’s two young children, a 6-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl. Mauti was scheduled to undergo psychological testing approximately three weeks ago, as ordered by a district court judge. garage-door-282316-m

Judge Kelley Kostin referred Mauti to take criminal responsibility and competency exams during a probable cause conference, setting the murder case for potential review on August 13. Mauti is charged with animal cruelty and first-degree premeditated murder. Lindsey Mauti died of blunt force trauma to the head and other injuries, according to the medical examiner. She was a teacher’s aide at Clarkston schools.

Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Mauti’s home after a caller informed authorities that Lindsey had not come to work or called in. The caller said upon going to the Mauti’s home to check on Lindsey, there was no answer at the door, but a child was looking out a window. Upon their arrival, deputies did not get an answer at the door, however they did see what they believed was blood splatter before forcing their way in. The eventually found Mauti on the floor of the garage; she was deceased. Police recovered two baseball bats they suspected may have been the weapons in the crime.

On Thursday June 25, a trial date was set for 21-year-old Arnell Devontae Lincoln, one of two men accused of opening fire at a vehicle while at a gas station in Ypsilanti.  In April, Lincoln and 25-year-old Antonio Frank Thomas allegedly shot at a man in a red Taurus who was pumping gas at a station located in the 500 block of South Huron Street.  The alleged target was not injured, however a minivan that was in the vicinity reportedly got caught up in the gunfire.

One of the two adults who were inside the minivan at the time was reportedly injured by a bullet fragment; there were also two children inside the vehicle.  According to a news article at, it is believed a disagreement between Lincoln and Thomas and the man in the red Taurus led to the shooting.  Thomas is considering a plea deal, while Lincoln is scheduled to go to trial on September 28 on charges of assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, felony firearm, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon.

Antonio Thomas requested a three-week adjournment to discuss a possible plea deal.  He is facing identical charges to those of Lincoln, with one additional count of assault with intent to murder, and an additional count of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Recently, a 14-year-old Detroit teen was accused of attempting to murder his mother.  Tommie Lee Grady has been “adult designated” according to a news article at, which means he may be sentenced as an adult although he will be tried in the juvenile court.

On June 11, Grady’s mother was shot numerous times at the family’s home on Wisconsin in Detroit; it is believed the two were in an argument when he shot at his mother.  Police believe Tommie did the shooting, which occurred at around 8 in the evening.  Reports claim Tommie also turned the gun on his brother, but fled the scene instead of firing at his brother.  His mother was treated at an area hospital and released.  On Friday, the teen was apprehended by police in the area of Meyers and Keeler in Detroit.

Tommie Lee Grady is charged with assault with intent to murder, felonious assault, and being a minor in possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.  The assault with intent to murder charge carries a maximum life prison term for adults, however Grady’s punishment (which may be a mixture of sentencing allowed for an adult or juvenile) will be determined by the judge.  He could be sentenced to life in prison, or a sentence that is less harsh.

In October of last year, 51-year-old Tewanna Sullivan and 66-year-old Cheryl Livy became involved in an argument over presidential politics. In the end, Sullivan allegedly killed Livy using a slow cooker; she allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .41, according to a news article at This level is more than five times the legal driving limit of .08 percent in Michigan. 243545_s

The incident occurred in a HUD housing high-rise in Livonia. The two women were close friends, according to Sullivan’s godfather, Marvin Jones who said the two women were “tight.” Sullivan’s attorney said that his client suffered mental issues which are possibly related to surgeries she had undergone in 2009 for a brain aneurysm. Sullivan was initially charged with first-degree premeditated murder, however the prosecutor’s office agreed to dismiss the charge in exchange for Sullivan’s guilty plea. Had Sullivan gone to trial on first-degree premeditated murder charges and been convicted, she would have faced automatic life in prison.

A news article at Click on Detroit stated that Sullivan struck Livy in the head repeatedly with the slow cooker until the victim became unconscious. She was transported to the hospital and pronounced brain dead when her family decided to take her off life support.

Recently, a group of carjackers was arrested by Detroit police. The group consisted of five individuals, four of the suspects teenagers. According to a news article at, the carjackers were arrested shortly after committing their second violent carjacking on Sunday. 17821516_s

Police said in a statement that a 19-year-old female driving a 2010 Chevy Malibu was carjacked at gunpoint at approximately 4:20 in the morning in the 12000 block of Northlawn. Four hours later, a second victim was carjacked at gunpoint. The 31-year-old male was driving a 2006 Ford Fusion in the 19200 block of Riverview. The second victim was robbed of $300, and fired at three times as the suspects drove away in his car.

The second victim told police the car the suspects were driving when they took his car was a white Chevy Impala, however after describing the vehicle, detectives determined it was actually the first victim’s vehicle, a white Chevy Malibu. After searching the area, police located the two stolen vehicles which they said were “driving in tandem.”

On Sunday, March 8, Troy police announced they had taken a man into custody in connection with the fatal shooting death of an Auburn Hills woman. On the previous Saturday evening, 21-year-old Jamila Monet Vigier-Cage was found slumped over the steering wheel of her vehicle. Now, 24-year-old Cory Daniel Mullen has been charged with first-degree murder in the case. walther-cp99-424619-m

According to news articles at and, the victim was found dead in a parking lot in Troy where she worked; she was found by a co-worker, and had allegedly been shot twice, once in the head and once in the chest. Vigier-Cage was employed at One Source, a talent agency that books actors and models.

Police asked for the public’s help in finding Vigier-Cage’s killer, and release a description of his vehicle, a 2002 Chevrolet Impala. He was located within hours in Detroit, and taken into custody for further questioning. Mullen was charged with first-degree murder and felony firearm; he was arraigned on Tuesday in 52-4 District Court, where he pleaded not guilty.

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