Suspected Carjackers Arrested in Detroit

Recently, a group of carjackers was arrested by Detroit police. The group consisted of five individuals, four of the suspects teenagers. According to a news article at, the carjackers were arrested shortly after committing their second violent carjacking on Sunday.

Police said in a statement that a 19-year-old female driving a 2010 Chevy Malibu was carjacked at gunpoint at approximately 4:20 in the morning in the 12000 block of Northlawn. Four hours later, a second victim was carjacked at gunpoint. The 31-year-old male was driving a 2006 Ford Fusion in the 19200 block of Riverview. The second victim was robbed of $300, and fired at three times as the suspects drove away in his car.

The second victim told police the car the suspects were driving when they took his car was a white Chevy Impala, however after describing the vehicle, detectives determined it was actually the first victim’s vehicle, a white Chevy Malibu. After searching the area, police located the two stolen vehicles which they said were “driving in tandem.”

All of the suspects are residents of Detroit and include a 17-year-old female, a 19-year-old female, two 18-year-old men, and one 24-year-old man. All were arrested early Sunday afternoon in west Detroit.

In Michigan and throughout the nation, carjacking is considered a very serious and often violent crime. Michigan Penal Code Section 750.529a states that carjacking occurs when an individual’s motor vehicle is stolen using force, violence, or even threats of force or violence. Carjacking is a felony offense which will leave those convicted facing punishment including possible life in prison.

Considering the suspects in this situation took possession of the victims’ vehicles at gunpoint, they will likely face extremely harsh penalties if convicted. Anyone who is charged with or under investigation for a violent theft crime such as carjacking must consult with an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney in order to have the best chance of avoiding a conviction and loss of your freedom.

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