Father’s Day Tips and Gifts for Attorneys

Most attorneys, whether they practice in criminal defense, personal injury, family

law, or another area of focus, work an excessive number of hours each week.  While successful lawyers do generally enjoy a comfortable living, their time off is cherished.  With Father’s Day coming up, you may be wondering what you can do for the dad who seems to have everything!  The truth is, many attorneys relish just relaxing and spending time with family more than any “gift” that could be purchased.

Considering the time of year Father’s Day falls, the weather is nice across most of the country.  Adult children may want to consider doing something for their attorney dads such as throwing a steak or burger on the grill and enjoying a relaxing meal outdoors.  A drink or glass of wine before dinner, good conversation, just being a family and being together can mean more than anything to a father.  Attorneys’ time is valuable, so a day off with family and just kicking back is sometimes priceless!

Gift ideas for attorneys

If you can’t let Father’s Day pass without giving your dad a gift, there are a few ideas you may want to consider depending on your dad’s interests and hobbies.

For those dads who enjoy reading (and even those who don’t, because this book is hilarious), consider the book Poetic Justice:  Legal Humor in Verse.  Not a book of bad lawyer jokes, this book contains vignettes from life in the practice of law, put in poem form.  A humorous look at law school, those first jobs, the thrilling victories and disappointing defeats, the general lifestyle of those who have chosen to become lawyers, it’s nearly a guarantee that any attorney would love this book. What attorney doesn’t need a few chuckles every now and then?  Great form of stress relief.

If dad loves baseball, how about tickets for the entire family to a baseball game?  Munching on popcorn and hot dogs, the excitement and electric atmosphere if it’s a really big or important game, a night filled with fun.  Be sure to get tickets in advance if it’s a really big game that may be sold out if you wait!

Lots of attorneys are passionate about golf, they just don’t have the time to play as often as they’d like.  Would your lawyer dad enjoy a gift card that entitles him to free rounds of golf?  The Go Play Golf gift card can be loaded with the dollar amount you want to put on it, ranging from $25 to $5,000.  Not only can it be used at 5,000 public golf courses and 1,000 private courses, it’s good for lessons, golf vacations, even merchandise related to golf.  The Go Play Golf gift card can be given as a traditional gift card, online (eCard), or both.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on your attorney dad for Father’s Day in order to give him a great day.  In most cases, fathers love those “do-it-yourself” gifts that come from the heart. What’s sweeter or more cherished coming from a younger child than a hand-made Father’s Day card?  Older kids may want to consider taking dad out for dinner, or even using your talents to create something original depending on whether you can paint, crochet, or are good in some other craft.  You could even put together a hand-made book of coupons or gift certificates entitling dad to a free car wash, pizza night, date night with mom, night at the movies, etc.

Ultimately, dads who are attorneys aren’t looking for expensive gifts; what they want is time with family and relaxation.  Any of the above are great gifts, but more than anything else, take time to be with your dad on Father’s Day whether it’s grilling outdoors, going out to dinner, or just sitting around the house watching a ball game or favorite movie.

To all of you attorney dads out there, Happy Father’s Day from Grabel & Associates.

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