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The United States has unsealed federal drug trafficking charges against the embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. The federal government is accusing Maduro and his regime of taking a prominent leading role in Venezuela’s drug trafficking, which has led to massive amounts of cocaine being smuggled into the United States. Relations with Venezuela have been on the downturn for over 20 years, since late former president Hugo Chavez took over control of the South American country.

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Attorney General William Barr has stated that the Maduro regime has been working in conjunction with the FARC guerrilla movement. FARC is the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. They are a Marxist-Leninist guerrilla group who was formed back in 1964. FARC was originally formed to represent the poor after the end of the Colombian civil war back in 1958. FARC is considered a terrorist group by the United States.

Since 2012, drug poisoning and overdose deaths have been on the rise in Michigan. In fact, in 2014 deaths attributed to drug overdose in the state numbered around 1,700, a 14 percent increase according to state police. Now it appears that individuals in Michigan can report a drug overdose without the worry they will face prosecution or potential punishment for illegal possession or use under legislation approved on September 8 that’s expected to be signed into law very soon.

The legislation was approved in May by the GOP-controlled House, and may get final approval next week. The legislation involves expanding a law that would exempt individuals of any age from being prosecuted when they require medical assistance or report an overdose involving an illegal substance. The Republican-led Senate voted 30-7 in favor of expanding the law.

Those younger than 21 are protected from criminal charges in cases where painkiller or prescription drub abuse results in an overdose or medical emergency under a 2015 law. The state also protects those who are underage and at risk due to alcohol intoxication from prosecution.

On Monday, September 14 three individuals were arrested after Dallas police searched what they called a ‘stash house’ in Mesquite where they allegedly found $94,000 in cash, hundreds of airline tickets, and pounds of marijuana.

Police seized nearly 12 lbs. (5,400 grams) of marijuana from the home located near U.S. Highway 80 and Belt Line Road. They also confiscated two laptops, a money counter, handgun, drug ledger, surveillance system, six cellphones, and marijuana treats/candy from Colorado in searching the home. The three individuals who were arrested include 36-year-old Adrian Clemons, 35-year-old Robert Davis, and 20-year-old Alexia Rey. Another woman was also present at the home; she and two young children were allowed to leave.

All three of the suspects were charged with felony marijuana possession and money laundering. Police also found nearly 300 Southwest Airlines companion passes in a safe, which Rey had given officers the combination to. Police said in an arrest warrant affidavit that the home was “obviously a marijuana and marijuana ‘stash house,’ where large amounts of illegal drugs are held for distribution to other dealers.”

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