Biggest Heroin Bust in History of Northeast Indiana Leads to 5 Arrests

On Wednesday, December 17, five individuals were arrested in what is said to be the biggest heroin bust in the history of Northeast Indiana, according to an announcement made on Monday at a press conference held by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Five individuals were charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin. These include 29-year-old Eduardo Martinez, 28-year-old Gisela Leyva Gamez, 40-year-old Cesar Rosales, 32-year-old Rigoberto Martinez, and 41-year-old Juan Rosales Suarez. Gamez is a resident of Phoenix, Rosales a resident of Wilmington, California, and Suarez a resident of Memphis.

Authorities began the investigation by placing wiretaps on two of Martinez’ cell phones. They then witnessed a telephone conversation in which Martinez was discussing the delivery of heroin to Fort Wayne with Gamez. Agents were surveying the planned delivery location on December 17th when they watched as a white pickup truck delivered heroin to a garage at a Fort Wayne home. The agents discovered 3.5 kilograms of heroin inside the garage, and captured Martinez and Gomez as they attempted to run away. After being issued a search warrant for the pickup truck, authorities discovered an additional 4.5 kilograms of heroin hidden inside a spare tire on Friday, December 19.

Participating in the investigation were the Fort Wayne Police Department, the ATF, DEA, Allen County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State Police, Steuben County Sheriff’s Department, and the Noble County Sheriff’s Department.

In all, authorities confiscated 8 kilograms of heroin, equivalent to 8,000 grams. In the state of Michigan, the penalties for heroin possession with intent to deliver involving more than 1,000 grams includes a maximum prison term of life in prison, along with possible fines of up to $1 million. Trafficking illegal drugs is serious business; those who are caught will face loss of their freedom, reputation, career, and much more if convicted.

Anyone who is under investigation or has been arrested even for something seemingly minor such as possession of marijuana should consult with a highly skilled Michigan drug crime attorney. Depending on how much of a substance an individual has in his or her possession, prosecutors may attempt to up the charges to possession with intent to deliver/distribute. You must take action to protect your legal rights and freedom.

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