Bangor Township Man and Woman Likely to Face Drug Charges Following Discovery of Meth and Pills in Search of Home

On Thursday December 19, officers with the Van Buren County’s narcotics unit obtained a search warrant for a residence located in the 65000 block of County Road 372. Upon searching the home, investigators discovered an active meth lab, prescription drugs, and other drug-related items according to a news article at

Two individuals were at the residence at the time, including a 26-year-old woman and 27-year-old man; the two had not been arrested on drug related charges at the time of news reports, but were expected to be charged by authorities at a later date. The women, however, was arrested on an outstanding warrant according to a news release issued by the Sheriff’s Office.

In the course of searching the home, officers found an active methamphetamine lab, and small amounts of both meth and marijuana. Components used to manufacture meth were also found, along with a substantial number of prescription pills which were not prescribed to either the man or woman.

Authorities stated that a report regarding the search and investigators’ findings will be sent to the Van Buren County prosecutor’s office for review to determine if charges will be filed.

Classified as a Schedule 2 substance in the state of Michigan, methamphetamine is considered a highly dangerous drug because of its addictive properties and the high risk of abuse or dependence. Because of this, the criminal penalties are severe for individuals charged with meth possession or maintaining a methamphetamine lab.

If convicted of maintaining a meth lab, penalties include substantial fines and up to 20 years in prison. In addition, those convicted will have a criminal record and their driver’s licenses will be suspended. Individuals who have children face even further potential damage to their lives, as CPS (Child Protective Services) may investigate, and parenting rights may be revoked should it be determined methamphetamine was being manufactured on the property where children live. There are many factors which may impact the punishment someone faces when found guilty of manufacturing meth.

The most important thing a person accused of any drug offense can do is to consult with a highly experienced Michigan drug crime attorney. Regardless of whether you have already been arrested or charged or are under investigation, take action right away so that your lawyer can begin working to protect your freedom and future.

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