Attorneys and Their Pets: 2015 Edition

Last weekend we celebrated National Pet Day, and there is no better time to feature the most-loved pets (AKA “children,” coworkers, friends, and confidants) of attorneys. Without further ado:






Clyde and Cleo (left) and Wiggles (AKA Wiggly Monster) (right) from Luke Ciciliano of SEO for Lawyers.











Chloe from Albert Krawczyk of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.



















Joey from Renee Wagenaar of WN Law PLLC.










Lady Chatterley from Catherine Battista of Argento and Battista, LLC.













Sheba and Rio from Tim Stanley of Justia Inc. Follow the pugs on Facebook here.




Pluto from Tina Willis of Tina Willis Law.

Tina Says:

“Scott Grabel’s post about our pets was my all-time favorite.  The post also took on new meaning for me this year as my most beloved pet ever, Pluto, was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer.  During one of the most difficult phases of the illness to date, several people privately shared Scott’s post with me.  Seeing last year’s photo of Pluto online lifted my spirits when little else could.

This year I have to share a photo of Pluto struggling with this illness.  We may not have him much longer.  But, at least right now, he is still lighting up our lives with his playful, sweet and ever-loving spirit.  So far he isn’t suffering and we will not let that happen.  I have never owned a more special animal, and I truly can’t imagine that one exists, nor ever will again.  Pluto now sleeps between my husband and I (that’s a new thing).

But he has always greeted me first thing in the morning and evening, demanding a face nuzzle session of several minutes, stayed near me wherever I go in the home or office, played with his mouse and other toys several times a day, often run through our yard like a champ, and countless other special moments.  He also has laid on top of me, or on my lap, literally for several hours every day for the last 11 years.  We love each other so much that he has always become jealous, and literally forced his way between my husband and I (even when there were only inches to spare), just about anytime my husband has ever come near me with Pluto around!  That’s been our longtime running household joke.

We hope to beat this thing but the odds are not good.  Right now we are fighting that battle no pet owner ever wants to face.  We went through a very rough period with the diagnosis, open chest surgery, and an extended recovery.  We didn’t sleep much and only performed essential work for about a month.  Now we are spending 3-4 hours daily administering a mixture of holistic treatment, supplements, and a new special diet.  (We have eaten nothing but take-out for dinner for probably 10 weeks as a result.)  He has responded much better than expected so far.  We are also trying to build him a coyote proof fence, since the unfortunate timing is that coyotes have been spotted in our neighborhood.  Pluto needs the sunshine more than ever, and is used to going outside regularly.  So that’s our latest massive project.”


Destiny from James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak, PLLC.

James says:

“Destiny just turned 6 years old.   She has had a rough year.  We nearly lost her to Valley Fever in the fall/winter of 2014, for which there is no cure.  She’s had valley fever since she was 6 months old, but has been on oral medications since that time to suppress the disease.  But she had a near fatal flare-up for which she required all day injections daily/weekly and is still receiving.   She’s quite a fighter.  Her most recent valley fever titer returned negative.  Our vet,  is calling her the “Miracle dog”.    She’s enjoying life again, playing catch,  playing with her toys, and going for walks. When we walk or run, she still has to be in the lead and won’t let me pass her.  If a bike or jogger passes us she still takes off pulling me like a sled to catch up with them.

The first photo is her birthday party, having a bacon and hash brown potato cupcake.  The second photo is of her resting her chin on my lap while waiting for her vet appointment for another IV injection.    The third is us leaving the vet hospital after an all- day IV injection of valley fever medication.”


The Peking ducks: Princess, Miss Piggy, and [NewComer No. 2] dining from Donald Petersen of the Law Office of Donald E. Petersen.













Max from Bill Amadeo of BAT Tutoring.








Bonnie from Wm Burt Burleson of Thomas M. Cooley Law School.
















Griffin from Ralph Somma of the Law Office of Ralph A. Somma.

Ralph says:

“Griffin is our two year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

When he was just a puppy, he loved to climb up on my shoulder and join me on my favorite recliner.
While Griffin was a birthday present for our son, he’s taken to me more than anyone else in the family … sorry guys.
Griffin likes to play tug of war and romp in the snow – which he’s had plenty of opportunity to enjoy this winter here in New York.”

Ben from Nicholas Leydorf of the Leydorf Law Firm and Grabel & Associates.








Maggie and Eddie from Stephan Futeral of Futeral & Nelson, LLC.

















This post wouldn’t be complete without my own Waldo J. Pepper. Here he is in his natural state (at rest, of course) and celebrating his birthday last week (he’s a distinguished eight-years-old).


This list is by no means all-inclusive: if you work in the legal field and would like your pet featured, please email me at


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  1. Excellent post! Thank-you for all of your hard work putting this together! You have created memories that will make all of us smile for years to come. Thanks again!

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