Alabama Woman Appeals Conviction for Murder of Mother in 2010

In Booneville, MS in 2010, then 48-year-old Rebecca Jones allegedly killed her mother by shooting her twice, once in the arm, and once in the stomach. Jones maintains that her mother, Jane Jones, and herself were involved in a struggle over the gun when it fired accidentally. Rebecca Jones went on trial for the alleged murder in October of 2012, and was found guilty in 2013. She was sentenced to life in prison.

Jones has recently appealed her conviction. Earlier this week, the Mississippi Supreme Court was hearing oral arguments regarding the death of Jane Jones. Rebecca Jones lives in Lexington, Alabama and claims that she had come to Booneville to visit her mother and a friend when the shooting occurred. Rebecca Jones did state that she “got something off her chest” during her visit with her mother. While she claims a struggle over the gun, prosecutors argue there was no evidence of a struggle.

According to Prentiss County Sheriff Randy Tolar, a .38-caliber pistol that belonged to Rebecca Jones was found at the scene of the struggle. Jane Jones died later from the gunshot wounds at an area hospital. News reports indicate that Jane Jones called 911 after being shot, and Rebecca Jones called her boyfriend. Authorities claim that Rebecca did not attempt to give Jane Jones any aid.

Jane Jones was 66 years old when she died.

Michigan criminal appeals attorneys know that without very compelling evidence, it is not likely the Mississippi Supreme Court will overturn Jones’s conviction. Winning an appeal, particularly one in connection with a crime as serious as murder, is not a simple process. The appeals process is not a second trial, but a review by a higher court of the initial trial. The appeals court panel typically reviews evidence, documents, testimony, and other elements of the original trial, looking for errors or violations of the defendant’s rights, and more.

Anyone who has been convicted of a crime and is innocent or believes they did not get a fair trial should consult with a highly experienced Michigan criminal appeals lawyer right away. An attorney with vast experience in this area of the law will review your case to determine if it is solid and warrants an appeal.

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