21-year-old To Face Minimum of 9 Years in Prison for Stabbing Man to Steal $40

21-year-old Tyson James Grant of Wyoming recently pleaded guilty to stabbing a 61-year-old man at a home the two men shared in an attempt to steal $40. Now, Grant will spend a minimum of 9 years behind bars, according to a news article at Mlive.com. Grant allegedly assaulted Thomas Lindhout on March 21 with a knife; the victim was hospitalized with numerous injuries.

Curiously, the victim did not cooperate with police when they were investigating the stabbing. At the time of the incident, Capt. Kim Koster stated in a news article that the suspect was still at large, and the victim would not provide police with his name.

The incident occurred west of Burlingame Avenue in the 1900 block of Chicago Drive SW at around 9 p.m. Grant fled the scene, but was found in Grand Rapids a day later by Wyoming police. He was scheduled to go to trial October 14 on charges of armed robbery and attempted murder, but instead pleaded guilty in Kent County Circuit Court to armed robbery and assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. While the maximum sentence for his crimes is life in prison, prosecutors requested a minimum of nine years in jail as part of the plea agreement.

Grant is scheduled to go before Judge Paul Sullivan on November 5 for sentencing.

While 9 years is no doubt preferable to spending a lifetime behind bars, it is still a substantial number of years, particularly for a young person who is 21 years old. The judge could decide to sentence Grant to any number of years, possibly up to life although it isn’t likely. Regardless, the penalties for armed robbery and assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder are extremely harsh. Had Grant not pleaded guilty and been convicted by a jury, it is likely he would have faced harsher punishment.

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