21-year-old Tennessee Man Arrested for Reckless Driving, Suspended License

Recently, 21-year-old Brett Austin Tate was arrested for driving on a suspended license; he was also arrested on charges of reckless driving twice within a four-hour time frame, according to a news article at the Times News.  Tate, a resident of Bristol, Tennessee, was allegedly street racing in downtown Kingsport when he was arrested the first time.  Just a few hours later, he was once again arrested for allegedly “burning out” in a daycare center’s parking lot which was said to be crowded at the time.

On a Friday afternoon, Tate and two other vehicles were speeding as they took off from a traffic signal, traveling at about 60 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, according to the Kingsport Police Department arrest report.  Upon pulling Tate and one of the other drivers over, the officer found that Tate’s driver’s license had been suspended.  He was arrested.

Later the same evening, Tate ran afoul of the law again after posting bond.  This time in Sullivan County, Tate was arrested after allegedly performing burnouts in the parking lot of a daycare where several parents and their children were present.  Reports claim that parents began taking their children, who were “infants and toddlers,” to their cars.  After leaving the daycare parking lot at a high rate of speed, Tate was pulled over and arrested for reckless driving and driving on a suspended license.  Because of his dangerous actions at the daycare and the presence of children and adults, Tate was also charged with reckless endangerment.

Certainly the above incidents indicate the careless and negligent actions of a young driver who was clearly “showing out,” however Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys know that for mature adults, having your driver’s license suspended can create a serious hardship.  Whether for reckless driving, DUI, or any other reason, having your license suspended or revoked for a substantial period of time makes what should be simple difficult.  Getting to and from work or school, running errands, attending appointments – we all take the privilege to drive for granted.  When that privilege is taken away, it impacts our lives more than we ever could have imagined.

Having a driver’s license restored is not an easy process.  If your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, speak with an experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement lawyer who is skilled and knowledgeable in DAAD hearings so that you have the best possible chance of regaining your privilege to drive.

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