hand-cuffsOn Monday April 21, Southwest Florida state Representative Dane Eagle was pulled over after running a red light and striking a curb.  Eagle, 30, was accused of drunken driving and subsequently arrested after refusing to submit to a field sobriety test, according to news articles at Naples News.  The incident occurred in the area near Florida State University.

Eagle had just left a Taco Bell near the university when Tallahassee police noticed him driving in a manner that made them suspect he was intoxicated.  After pulling Eagle over, the police report indicated that Eagle exited the vehicle, then stumbled before falling against the rear passenger side door.  He claimed that he had not been drinking.  When the police officer noticed a strong odor of alcoholic beverages, Eagle said that the reason for the smell was that friends who had been at a bar had been riding around with him.  After refusing to perform a field sobriety test, Eagle told the officer that he was “good to get home.

Eagle filed HB 1435 earlier this year; this legislation would require that elected officials be drug tested within 60 days of being re-elected or taking office.  HB 1435 won’t pass this legislative session, as it did not receive a committee hearing. Continue reading →

car-speedIn August of 2013, 32-year-old Adam Tang, also known as “Afroduck,” was arrested for speeding around Manhattan in 24 minutes.  According to Fox News, Tang made a 26 mile loop around the city in just over 24 minutes.  The speedy lap was captured on a dashboard camera video which revealed Tang’s BMW speeding around Manhattan, a video that was later posted on YouTube.  Tang was indicted for misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

Earlier this month, Tang was found to be driving on a suspended license after police noticed his license plate was partially covered. Tang’s license was suspended in September of last year as a condition of his bail for the speedy lap incident in Manhattan.  Tang’s bond in the speeding incident had been set at $10,000, however Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Jill Konviser raised the bond to $25,000 or $15,000 cash as a result of Tang’s disobeying court orders and driving on a suspended license.

Gregory Gomez, Tang’s defense attorney, told the judge that he respectfully disagreed with the court’s decision, and that he believed because it was a first arrest misdemeanor case, the bail amount which was imposed on his client was “absurd.”  Tang pleaded not guilty to the reckless endangerment charge, but pleaded guilty to unlicensed driving.  He paid an undisclosed fine for the traffic infraction. Continue reading →

weed-pipeOn Friday April 18, Alexandria, LA police officers were patrolling an area when they noticed a man who had an active warrant driving a vehicle.  After making contact with Adam Nick, officers noticed that the suspect seemed to be extremely nervous.  They soon realized why Nick was nervous after discovering a digital scale which was in plain view in the floorboard of Nick’s vehicle.

Police arrested Nick before requesting a K-9 unit come to the scene.  Narcotic investigators were notified after the dogs alerted to what was suspected to be heroin in the vehicle.  Nick was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid, and possession/distribution of a schedule II substance (heroin, cocaine) according to news reports at KALB News Channel 5.

Following Nick’s arrest police searched a Pineville area residence and discovered that they believed to be heroin in small pieces of tinfoil and plastic bags.  In all, it was believed that Sean and Ashley Bennett had 16 grams of heroin.  The two were arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting an officer, and obstruction of justice. Continue reading →

donovan-mcnabbOn December 15, 2013 former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb was pulled over for speeding; he was allegedly driving 81 mph in a 65 mph zone, according to CBS Sports.  He was subsequently arrested and charged with DUI after police determined that McNabb was under the influence.  Last week, McNabb spent one day in the Maricopa County Jail.  In March of this year, McNabb, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles, pleaded guilty.  Because of his guilty plea, he was ordered to serve only one day in jail.

McNabb was sentenced to 10 days, however nine of those days were suspended.  He is currently an analyst for Fox Sports 1.  Fox Sports officials said in a statement that they are convinced McNabb “understands the gravity of this offense and is sufficiently contrite.”  A spokes person went on to say that “The legal process has been concluded and we plan no further disciplinary action at this time.”

News reports do not indicate whether McNabb was issued a ticket for speeding, or whether he was subject to other penalties for the DUI arrest.  In the state of Michigan, individuals who are charged with driving under the influence face not only potential jail time, but fines, driver’s license suspension, community service, and other harsh punishment depending on whether it is a first, second, or subsequent offense. Continue reading →

ryan-maloneOn Saturday morning April 12, Ryan Malone, Tampa Bay Lightning forward, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.  In the process of his arrest, police discovered cocaine in Malone’s pants pocket, according to a recent article at USA Today.

At approximately 3 a.m., Tampa police witnessed a Chevrolet Suburban make a left-hand turn from South Armenia Avenue onto Platt Street.  Malone allegedly made the left-hand turn from the center lane, then proceeded to hit a curb in the Suburban.  Police pulled Malone over, and determined that he was driving while intoxicated.

The Tampa Bay forward refused to submit to a field sobriety test, but did submit to a breath test after being taken into custody.  News reports indicate his BAC (blood alcohol content) was .112 and .116, higher than the state’s legal limit of 0.08. Continue reading →

drugsOn Monday April 14, authorities in California claimed that they had “dismantled” a drug trafficking ring that smuggled cocaine and methamphetamines from Mexico for distribution to New York, Arkansas, Illinois, and other states.  According to a news report at U-T San Diego, the 11 individuals who were in a group known as the Magana Drug Trafficking Organization worked with Nuestra Familia prison gang street gangs to distribute the drugs.

33-year-old Jose Pastor Magana, head of the drug organization, lives just southeast of Fresno in Dinuba; he was charged with eight counts including transportation and sale of a controlled substance and felony possession.  Authorities began investigating the drug ring in the summer of 2013, when it was suspected that Magana was selling marijuana.  It was revealed that in addition to marijuana, Magana was dealing in cocaine and methamphetamines.

In the course of arresting the 11 individuals, agents seized 942 marijuana plants, 56 pounds of meth, and 4 kilograms of cocaine in addition to a car and nearly $270,000 in cash.  The  majority of the arrested were made in Riverside and Tulare counties in California, however two were arrested in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Authorities say the individuals arrested will face similar charges to those of Magana. Continue reading →

football-floridaOn Sunday April 13, former Florida State running back James Wilder Jr. was arrested on a bench warrant in connection with a citation he received in March in Tampa for driving with a suspended driver’s license with knowledge.  He was pulled over and arrested in Tampa just before 7:30 p.m. and released approximately five hours later after posting a $1,000 bond, according to a news article at Nolesports.com.

According to a report at the Tampa Bay Times, Wilder has been cited on driver’s license violations four times.  Wilder turned 22 years old on Monday.

On Monday, Wilder issued a statement saying that he was celebrating his birthday with family and friends, and that he hoped to prove that he was not only another year older, but another year wiser.  Wilder went on to say that he was arrested on a warrant for missing a court date, and that he had been training in California for the NFL Combine when his driver’s license was suspended in Florida.  Upon returning to Florida, Wilder said that his driver’s license was reinstated, however he did not appear for a mandatory court date.  Wilder apologized, saying there is “really no excuse for missing court dates.” Continue reading →

car-accidentOn Monday April 14, 28-year-old Sharlene Numa of Roosevelt, NY was arrested after causing a crash that resulted in the death of her passenger, 29-year-old Kendall Heard of Freeport.  Numa was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the crash, and charged with DWI, manslaughter, and vehicular manslaughter according to CBS New York.

The accident occurred in southeast Queens just after 4 a.m. when Numa crashed the 2014 Infiniti she was driving into the rear of a 2012 Mercedes on the Belt Parkway.  The Mercedes was being driven by an 18-year-old man who reportedly suffered only minor injuries.  According to police, Numa’s Infiniti flipped in the vicinity of Brookville Blvd. and South Conduit Avenue.  Heard, Numa’s passenger, was transported to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

This is a sad story with a tragic ending, not only for the passenger who lost his life, but for the driver who now faces not only charges of driving while intoxicated, but manslaughter as well.  Individuals who are convicted of DUI or driving under the influence in Michigan face criminal penalties which include steep fines, possible jail time, driver’s license suspension, community service, and more.  For second-time or subsequent offenses, the penalties become even harsher.  However, charges of vehicular manslaughter or manslaughter are far more serious. Continue reading →

gun fireIn February we wrote about the case of Terrill Hardaway, a 35-year-old Detroit Firefighter charged with second-degree murder in the 2012 shooting death of Tony Jackson.  Now, Hardaway is headed to trial and is scheduled for a Circuit Court arraignment on April 29, according to news reports at Mlive.com.

Hardaway allegedly went to a bar on December 20 of 2012, an establishment where Jackson worked as a disc jockey.  The two men became involved in an altercation when Hardaway pulled a gun and attempted to shoot Jackson.  The weapon was turned over to police after being confiscated.  Hardaway then went back to the Four Winds bar located on Schoolcraft nine days later; the two men got into a physical and verbal fight that was broken up by security.  Hardaway and Jackson were taken outside, however the altercation continued with both men pulling out guns.  Hardaway is reported to have shot Jackson numerous times, but was shot only once in the shoulder himself.

Hardaway is charged with felonious use of a firearm, and one count of second-degree murder.  A motive for the shooting has not yet been revealed by prosecutors. Continue reading →

trialA 19-year-old Columbus, OH man who was convicted in July of this year on charges of felonious assault, aggravated robbery, aggravated trafficking in drugs, and other charges has had his conviction and sentencing appeal denied by the Court of Appeals of Ohio Fourth Appellate District, according to an article at Logan Daily.

Warren Love, the defendant, appealed his conviction and sentencing based on his belief that in imposing his sentence of 23 years, the trial court committed a harmful error.  Love also argued that he was convicted even though there was insufficient evidence.

Bill Archer, Hocking County Assistant Prosecutor, said that Love is a “thug” who “brought his crime show” to Hocking.  Love was convicted of shooting a man in the leg in January of last year during a drug deal.  Apparently, the shooting victim handed over his money, but Love shot him instead of giving him the drugs he paid for.  On April 10, the Court of Appeals filed a judgment which affirmed the conviction and sentencing originally handed down by the Hocking County Common Pleas Court. Continue reading →