On July 26, 31-year-old Thomas Ripp was placed on emergency suspension from the New Orleans Police Department after crashing his unmarked police car while allegedly intoxicated in Lake Vista, according to several news reports. light-1-714566-m

Ripp was assigned to the Homicide Division, and has been with the department for eight years. He was off-duty when he crashed into a cement light pole after striking a curb at approximately 5:40 a.m. on Sunday, according to police.

Although results of a blood test conducted on Ripp were not revealed, NOPD spokesman Tyler Gamble said that Ripp did test over the legal limit for alcohol. He was treated for minor injuries which were not disclosed at a local hospital before being advised of his rights and arrested. No one was in the vehicle with Ripp when the accident occurred.

The police department’s Public Integrity Bureau placed Ripp on emergency suspension immediately after his arrest; the bureau will further investigate the incident.

In Louisiana a first DWI (driving while intoxicated) offense will leave those convicted facing fines of up to $1,000, a maximum of six months in jail with 48 hours minimum jail time (which may be suspended, depending on BAC), probation, community service, and more.

Driving while under the influence is a serious crime in every state, although penalties vary. Those who are found guilty of DUI in Michigan will face possible jail time, fines, community service, driver’s license suspension, a criminal record, and other punishment. Long gone are the days when an individual arrested for drunken driving simply paid a fine and received a slap on the wrist. This is a criminal offense that requires that legal guidance and support of a skilled defense attorney.

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, consult with an experienced Michigan DUI defense lawyer immediately in order to obtain the best possible outcome and limit the potential damage to your reputation, career, and future.

On Friday July 17, a 50-year-old man was arrested in the Dallas area following a police chase that resulted in drug charges. Common Mistakes Button- Drug Section

According to The Dallas Morning News crime blog, Jose Lopez led Mesquite police on a car chase after police spotted him near Belt Line Road and U.S. Highway 80 and attempted to stop the drug suspect. Lt. Brian Parrish, a police spokesman for the Mesquite department, said that Lopez fled from police in a pickup, driving to a neighborhood north of Fair Park. During the chase, Lopez jumped from the pickup, which was still moving. The truck crashed into a fence while Lopez ran on foot.

Eventually a Department of Public Safety helicopter tracked Lopez down, and he was apprehended and arrested by police. At the time of news reports he was being held on $12,500 bail, and had been booked on one count each of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance and evading arrest in a vehicle. News reports do not indicate what drug or drugs were involved.

In the state of Texas, this charge is given for any type of drug dealing. Depending on the type and amount of drug involved, penalties for those convicted may include fines of up to $250,000 and a life prison sentence.

All states punish drug crimes harshly in an effort to crack down on drug sales/manufacturing, and drug abuse and addiction. In the state of Michigan, an individual may also be sentenced to life in prison and fines of up to $1 million in some cases, depending on whether the amount involved is more than 1,000 grams, and whether the drug is a Schedule I or II drug. Even an amount of less than 50 grams of these drugs may result in up to 20 years in prison.

If you have been charged with any drug crime, even one you consider minor in comparison to manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, it is vital to speak with a highly skilled Michigan drug crimes attorney who will work vigorously to protect your legal rights and freedom. Without an experienced defense lawyer, your future is in great jeopardy.

On Saturday July 18, four women were killed and two other seriously injured in a crash involving a limo and a pickup truck, according to a news report at CBS News. The crash occurred in the North Fork of Long Island in Cutchogue; it is believed the driver of the truck was intoxicated. He was arrested following the crash that left the limo nearly cut in half. limosine-1450334

The limo was carrying seven women who had just left a local Winery following a bachelorette party. The vehicle was headed eastbound on Route 48 when it was struck by the pickup as it attempted to make a U-turn in a westbound direction. All four of the women who were killed were bridesmaids, and three died on impact while the fourth died later at Taconic Bay Hospital.

The bride and another woman were also in the limo when the crash occurred; both were said to be in critical condition. The man driving the pickup truck, whose name has not been released, was hospitalized for minor injuries to his face.

Police said all of the victims were from the New York City area. The driver of the pickup fled the scene of the accident according to Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley, but was soon apprehended.

Update: According to The Daily Mail, the driver of the pickup was 54-year-old Steve Romeo who is co-owner of Romeo Dimon Marine Services. Some reports claim the women had just left a birthday party, rather than a bachelorette party. Regardless, the outcome is tragic.

Reports indicate Romeo has been charged with driving under the influence, however it is likely he will face more serious charges considering four young women lost their lives, and others were injured.

Driving under the influence is a serious criminal offense, no matter where it happens. In Michigan, a first DUI offense may result in jail time, fines, probation, community service, a suspended driver’s license, and more for those convicted. When the charges are DUI causing death or serious bodily injury, the accused may face up to 15 years in prison in Michigan if found guilty.

No matter what your situation, the most important step you can take is to consult with an experienced Michigan DUI attorney immediately. Your freedom is at risk, along with your reputation and career. Your legal rights must be protected throughout the process in order to obtain the best possible result.

In late June, 56-year-old Mitchell Moore of Ferndale was charged with assault with intent to cause great bodily harm less than murder when he allegedly beat a friend using a wooden table leg after the two became involved in an argument over an electric fan.  According to an article at The Oakland Press, the charge against Moore has now been reduced to felony assault.

On June 27, police were called to a residence on McDowell when it was suspected Moore had attacked a friend.  Moore rents an upstairs apartment in the home, and he and the homeowner had allegedly been drinking the day the attack occurred.  One of Moore’s friends, a 53-year-old Hazel park man, stopped by the residence to pick up an electric fan he had let Moore borrow.  The fan was the man’s mother’s, and she wanted it back.  According to police, when the Hazel Park many went upstairs to Moore’s apartment to retrieve his mother’s fan, an argument erupted.
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In 2012, Brenda Miles Bratschi of Columbia, SC was convicted of the 2004 murder of her estranged husband, Randy Bratschi.  The Bratschi’s lived in a mobile home where the defendant allegedly buried her husband’s body under the home, leaving new owners of the property to find the skeletal remains five years later.  According to a news report at SCNow.com, Randy’s remains were found wrapped in a tarp in a shallow grave.

In November of 2004 the couple allegedly had a violent altercation before Randy Bratschi mysteriously disappeared.  The couple was involved in a domestic dispute about six weeks prior to the victim’s disappearance in which Brenda reportedly beat her husband with a wooden tire thumper.  He was severely injured at that time, and his wife arrested on charges of assault and battery with intent to kill.  She was also served a restraining order at that time.
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Recently, a 28-year-old Georgia man was arrested in Delaware after police in Bear were conducting property checks  and came across the man as a result of hearing loud music.

According to a news report at Delawareonline.com, Cordeiro McClain of Ellenwood, GA was in the area of the Sparrow Run neighborhood off U.S. 40.  Police officers were conducting increased patrols in specific neighborhoods following their weekly Targeted Analytical Policing Systems meeting.  Officer First Class Tracey Duffy said that as they approached the vehicle, which was parked at a dead end, officers saw that the driver’s seat was empty and McClain was sitting in the front passenger seat.  Another person came out of a nearby residence as police were talking to McClain, claiming the radio in the car was broken.

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Recently, an MSU basketball player who transferred to Michigan from West Virginia was suspended from the team indefinitely after being arrested for DUI.  According to the Lansing State Journal, 21-year-old Eron Harris, originally from Indianapolis, is facing charges of refusing a preliminary breath test and OWI (operating while intoxicated).


Harris’s suspension stems from an incident on July 1 when he was arrested at just before 2 a.m. after playing with the team at Lansing’s Moneyball Pro-Am summer league.  His arraignment is scheduled for July 17.

Harris is a junior guard on the team, and sat out last season after transferring from West Virginia to MSU.  In a statement Tom Izzo, MSU coach said Harris had been suspended from all activities related to basketball indefinitely, and that the university holds its student-athletes to high standards.  Izzo went on to say that Eron must face the consequences of the legal system for his actions, and that his decisions that morning were unacceptable and irresponsible.

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In December of last year, a 15-year-old Bangor Township teen called 911 to report he had been robbed of his iPhone, a phone he had listed for sale on Craigslist; he wall allegedly robbed at gunpoint. smart-phone-icon-1377498-m

Deputies were told by the teen that he had put an ad on Craigslist to sell his Apple iPhone 6 for $600, and that about a week later he received a text indicating interest in the iPhone from an 810 area code. The teen and the interested party made a deal for $550, and the buyer called the boy from the same number to get directions to his home.

A car soon arrived at the teen’s home, carrying two men and a woman. The teen was told to get in the car as he approached the driver’s side, however he refused. The driver used the excuse that they needed him to direct them to a station nearby so they could get gas, however he did not get into the vehicle. He gave the iPhone to a male in the front passenger seat, at which point what looked to the teen to be a semi-automatic handgun was pulled on him. Court records indicated that the passenger threatened to shoot the teen if he “tried anything.” The vehicle then left.

The 810 phone number the teen had received the text and calls from was tracked to 21-year-old Darren J. McCaskey Jr., a resident of Flint. He admitted to being present during the robbery, but said that a friend actually committed the crime, that the friend was on parole and the gun was a toy the passenger tossed out along Interstate 75. The friend said he was not present; upon looking at a photo lineup provided by investigators, the teen identified McCaskey as the robber.

McCaskey was arrested recently and appeared in court for his arraignment on July 8. He has been charged with one count of armed robbery, a crime punishable by up to life in prison for those convicted. McCaskey’s preliminary examination is scheduled for July 22 before District Judge Timothy J. Kelly.

Regardless of whether the weapon allegedly used to intimidate the teen in this case was authentic or a toy, individuals may be charged with armed robbery for even insinuating the presence of a weapon whether or not one was actually present. Even using a finger in a pocket to make it look like a gun can leave you facing serious felony charges. Armed robbery is one of the most serious crimes someone can be accused of, as the penalties are as serious as those often handed down for murder.

If you have been arrested for any type of theft or are under investigation, waste no time before consulting with a qualified Michigan criminal defense attorney. Your legal rights and freedom must be protected; your future, career, and reputation may be at risk, so take action immediately.

A recent NBC Miami news article says that singer Enrique Iglesias is scheduled to appear in court on July 10 after he was charged with obstruction and driving on a suspended license on May 6. freeway-6663-m

Iglesias was pulled over by Florida Highway Patrol in Miami-Dade County after he was spotted driving a Cadillac Escalade in the closed express lanes of Interstate 95. A trooper claims that in the process of being pulled over, a passenger in the SUV moved into the driver’s seat after Iglesias jumped into the back of the vehicle. He then climbed into the passenger seat, although FHP Lt. Julio Pajon said that Mr. Iglesias was the one driving the vehicle when the incident occurred.

The passenger in the SUV, Abel Tabuyo, said he did not know why he switched seats with the singer. Both men were handcuffed, and released after signing notices to appear in court. Iglesias invoked his Miranda rights, and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

A more recent article at the Daily Business Review claims that Iglesias’s driver’s license was expired, and not suspended. His attorney, Howard Srebnick, said that Iglesias did not resist, obstruct, or lie during the altercation, that he was courteous and polite. He also claimed that the suspended driver’s license issue was partly a case of mistaken identity, and that the suspended license belonged to another individual whose name was similar to the singer’s. Authorities claim Iglesias’s license is indeed suspended, after performing a license check which revealed it had been suspended and expired several months earlier.

As Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys know, many people who drive on a license that has been suspended or revoked do so thinking they will not get caught. In some instances, a motorist may be completely oblivious to the fact that his/her license has been suspended. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important to work with a lawyer who is skilled and experienced in the complex process of having your driver’s license privilege restored.

On Thursday, July 2, four people were arrested after a search warrant was executed at a residence in Smithfield Township. The search warrant resulted from an investigation that started in 2014, and was executed by Pennsylvania State Police in conjunction with the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office and Monroe County Children and Youth Services, along with Monroe County Domestic Relations. iStock_000022833496XSmall

The four individuals arrested include 48-year-old Denise Miluszewski and her son, 28-year-old William Miluszewski, 45-year-old Richard Leepin, and 29-year-old Donna Wynings.

Denise Miluszewski was reportedly in a rehab facility for an alleged heroin addiction when investigators learned that her son, William, was “running” the drug business while she was in rehab last year. Three young children lived at the address where the search warrant was executed; all have been placed in foster care.

Investigators began watching William’s travels in which he allegedly picked up heroin in large quantities after learning that his mother was bragging to inmates and Corrections Officers about how well William was handling the business. With the help of an informant, investigators purchased heroin from the Miluszewski’s on several occasions recently, noticing the younger children would be outside playing while they were engaged in the drug transactions.

Upon searching the Smithfield Township residence, investigators found a shot gun, two 30-30 rifles, a 9mm handgun, additional firearms, about 350 bags of heroin, approximately $5,000 in cash, and property including jewelry, ATV’s and other items believed to have been purchased with drug proceeds.

All four have been charged with possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia, endangering the welfare of a child, conspiracy, and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

These four individuals face very serious criminal charges. In many states, a conviction for possession with intent to deliver/distribute will result in a substantial number of years in prison, or even life behind bars. In Michigan, possession of 1,000 grams or more of heroin may result in a life prison term. In most cases, factors that affect sentencing include the type/amount of drug involved, and the individual’s criminal history.

If you have been arrested on drug charges or are under investigation, do not hesitate before consulting with a skilled Michigan drug crimes attorney. Your freedom is at risk; your entire future may be in jeopardy.