When You’re a Defendant in a Criminal Case, Always Be Prepared for the Unexpected

If you’re someone who has been arrested or is under investigation for a crime, you may decide you can represent yourself – or, you may believe your criminal defense attorney can provide you with an impenetrable defense. The fact is, while a skilled Michigan criminal defense lawyer can win many cases despite tough odds, those who are facing charges of rape, drug trafficking, theft, robbery, or even something as seemingly minor as marijuana possession should always expect the unexpected. With a criminal defense case, nothing is ever cut and dried.

Most criminal defense lawyers have several battle scars after coming up against surprise verdicts delivered by judges or juries, in addition to the inexplicable “high” of winning even the toughest cases they thought would likely go the other way. Ask any attorney whose practice focuses on defending the alleged “bad guy,” and you’ll find that at times he/she has likely felt the feeling of free-falling from the highest cliff in the world. It’s not unusual for attorneys in the world of criminal defense to experience an exhilarating ride, however we all know what can happen when we come back down to earth – something we never expected.

Even though many who specialize in criminal defense feel right at home in the courtroom, there are countless times attorneys feel almost like they should don a suit of armor to prepare for what will undoubtedly be a tough battle. Great defense lawyers thoroughly prepare for every battle, however when even the toughest, most well-prepared defense ends in defeat, it’s often a case of the old adage “hindsight is 20-20.” Understandably, anyone who is charged with a crime regardless of how minor or serious it may seem wants his or her attorney’s reassurance there isn’t an invisible land mine or “booby trap” ahead.

Unfortunately, criminal defense attorneys don’t have a crystal ball, and cannot always predict what will magically appear from the prosecutor’s side. However, in choosing a highly experienced defense lawyer, a client can at least experience some measure of comfort knowing there is a purpose behind every step of the process, and that the attorney has learned from every failure or misstep, much like that of a gymnast, golfer, or ballet dancer. A confident criminal defense lawyer will hold his head high and be prepared for battle when entering the courtroom; if your attorney seems ready to duck his head or hide under the table, it’s certainly not a good sign!

It all boils down to the confidence and capability of the criminal defense lawyer you choose, just as someone would want a skilled, experienced surgeon if they were to be facing surgery. In some cases you’re literally putting your future and life in the hands of someone whom you hope can accomplish the outcome you expect. If you were having heart surgery, would you trust a surgeon who had only performed one or two operations? Those who are accused of committing serious crimes should consider their futures, reputations, families, and even freedom are often on the line. Because of this, it’s important to put costs aside and think about whether your entire future is in jeopardy, rather than whether you want to fork out the money for legal expenses.

True, many defendants simply don’t have the financial resources to hire a seasoned attorney; they have extremely limited budgets. In other cases, a defendant may be of the belief that one criminal defense lawyer is the same as any other. What a monumental mistake! Those who assume all defense attorneys possess the same ability, skill, experience, and dedication to clients are literally putting their futures and lives in the hands of someone else – and the outcome could be devastating not only for the accused, but his/her family.

It’s simple, really. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, always expect the unexpected. When you want to maximize the odds for success as much as you possibly can, be sure you’re fully armed and well prepared for the occasion by working with an aggressive and capable criminal defense attorney.

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