Wisconsin Woman Involved in Crash with Deputy Arrested for OWI Even Though She was Sober

In February of 2013, 25-year-old Tanya Weyker was involved in an accident in which she was t-boned at an intersection by Milwaukee County Deputy Sheriff Joseph Quiles, who was making his rounds on the night shift.  The accident occurred as Quiles pulled out onto Howell Avenue, sending Weyker’s vehicle spinning into a tree.  Weyker was arrested for OWI or operating while intoxicated, although blood tests indicated she was completely sober.

Weyker, who had no criminal record and not even a speeding ticket, was too injured in the crash to perform field sobriety tests or blow into a breathalyzer, according to reports at Fox News.  Weyker had steel rods placed in her back after having radiation treatments for cancer that she developed at age three.  The crash with Quiles left her neck broken in four places.

When questioned by police the day of the crash, Weyker was truthful about her use of Vicodin a week prior to the crash, when she had her wisdom teeth pulled.  She also admitted that she had taken a few sips of a friend’s drink that evening.  After deputies were suspicious of Weyker’s red, glassy eyes, she explained it was due to her crying.  She was ultimately arrested for drunk driving causing injury, even though her injuries prevented her from taking the usual tests to determine BAC or blood alcohol content.

DUI defense lawyers have said that it appears that Weyker was the suspect right from the beginning, largely due to the fact that the crash involved an officer.  Ultimately, accusations that Weyker was intoxicated and caused the crash have been hanging over her head for more than a year now, something she adamantly denies.  Her denial was supported when a surveillance camera from a nearby airport showed the deputy Quiles did not come to a complete stop before turning onto Howell, as he had claimed.  In addition, drug and alcohol tests came back indicating that Weyker had been stone cold sober when the crash took place.

Michigan DUI defense attorneys are not really surprised by stories like these.  While it is a tragedy that a young lady has been accused of drunk driving and causing injuries which were not her fault, what is even more tragic is the fact that law enforcement will go to any lengths to prevent their own from being found responsible.  Was this a cover-up?  Some believe it was.

Cases like these are exactly why anyone accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs should consult with a highly experienced defense lawyer.  Had it not been for thorough review of the surveillance tape, it may have never been discovered that the crash didn’t play out exactly as the deputy sheriff claimed.  If the young woman had been convicted of DUI, not only may her reputation have remained in question, she may have faced criminal penalties which include jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension, and more.

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