Washtenaw County Finally Turns Page on Prosecutor Mackie Era

Washtenaw County Primary Results

The race for Washtenaw County Prosecutor may technically be just past the primary stage, but the next prosecutor in Washtenaw County has already been determined by voters. Washtenaw County is a heavily democratic leaning area politically so that has resulted in no Republican candidate running for the post. The Washtenaw County Prosecutor race then came down to three people. They are listed below with their respective backgrounds and percentage of the vote they each received:

1) Eli Savit, a reformist candidate who is an outsider having never served as a prosecutor or criminal defense attorney. Savit is the lead counsel for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. He has national support from Senator Bernie Sanders as well as singer John Legend. He received 51% of the vote and will be the next Washtenaw County Prosecutor.
2) Arianne Slay, the current Ann Arbor City Attorney. She has nearly 10 years of experience in the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office under exiting Prosecutor Brian Mackie. She has also served as an advisor to the Ann Arbor Police Department. Slay received 43% of the vote, finishing in second place.
3) Hugo Mack, a criminal defense attorney based out of Ypsilanti. At one point was Chief Assistant Public Defender in the Washtenaw County Public Defender’s office before he was accused and later convicted of criminal sexual conduct and sentenced to ten years in prison. He has always maintained his innocence and believed that his experience gives him a unique look into the criminal justice system. Mack took 7% of the vote.

Promised Changes from Polices of Previous Prosecutor

Previous Washtenaw County Brian Mackie was first elected to his post in 1992. During his time, county and state policy have led a problem of mass incarceration, a problem new reformist candidate and soon to be prosecutor Eli Savit promises to move on from. Savit promises to run a fairer, smarter and more cost-effective system of justice in Washtenaw County. He plans to run a system that pushes rehabilitation in front of punishment. He also wants to eliminate cash bail and increase funding for addiction and mental health treatment. Savit says that his time as lead counsel for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has shown him how the criminal justice system affects families in a multitude of ways. Cases such as the case of Aura Rosser drew heavy criticism of Mackie, when he decided not to charge Ann Arbor police officer David Ried’s use of lethal force in shooting and killing Rosser. Savit simply points to the belief that Mackie should have recused himself from the case and not made a charging decision to begin with, allowing the Michigan state Attorney General to take over. There is a significant difference in viewpoints and likely future policy between Mackie and his soon to be successor Eli Savit.

What Happens Next?

Winners of this year’s election cycle do not take over their new positions until after the year has concluded. So, even though Eli Savit has zero chance of losing the upcoming general election because he is running unopposed, he will still not be able to take office until Mackie vacates it at the beginning of the year. Savit will likely use this time to get a head start on his transition into his new role as Washtenaw County Prosecutor.

Any Further Questions?

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