Two Men to Stand Trial for 11 Murders Related to Meningitis Outbreak

Original Case Details

Two men, Barry Cadden and Glenn Chin were charged with second-degree murder for deaths of 11 Livingston County residents because of a meningitis outbreak caused by tainted steroids. The case originated from the New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts where Cadden was a co-founder and Chin was a pharmacist. Lax standards and safety conditions resulted in steroids that were produced there being infected before they were distributed to clinics across the country. 11 Livingston County residents died allegedly due to the tainted steroids which caused a meningitis outbreak. Investigators connected the New England Compounding Center to various Michigan pain clinics, which included Michigan Pain Specialists, a clinic in Genoa Township. 53rd District Court Judge Shauna Murphy bound the case over to Livingston County Circuit Court for further proceedings after finding enough probable cause during the preliminary examination to continue the case forward. Judge Murphy heard testimony from former employees who spoke of the consistent violations in the New England Compounding Center’s clean room, along with how cleaning logs were falsified and how equipment was left to rust. Witnesses also testified about drugs which had not been tested for safety but were sent out anyways to clinics.

Previous Related Case

Both men were acquitted of second-degree murder at the federal level for their roles in this outbreak that killed nearly 80 people and sickened nearly 800. Chin and Cadden were sentenced to eight and nine years in federal prison respectively on federal convictions of racketeering and mail fraud. The original meningitis outbreak happened back in 2012, and Chin and Cadden were sentenced on their federal convictions in the beginning of 2018. They are again facing murder charges here in Michigan in a completely separate, state-run proceeding. This is not considered double jeopardy as Cadden and Chin are facing different murder charges with different victims. They are also now in state court as opposed to federal court, which have different laws and standards. Before COVID-19, this meningitis outbreak was considered the worst public health crisis in recent American history. COVID-19 now easily has that distinction as we continue to deal with the ongoing pandemic.

What Happens Next?

Cadden and Chin’s case will now continue in Livingston County Circuit Court in front of the final judge they will have before potential and likely trial in this case. A case gets bound over to Circuit Court when the lower District Court judge feels that enough probable cause was shown that a crime was committed, and that enough probable cause was shown that the accused committed the alleged crime. The case now goes to the pretrial phase in Circuit Court where Cadden and Chin could seek to work out a plea deal or could continue towards trial. It is unclear at this point if they will be looking to make a deal on this case, and if a deal would even be beneficial to them. 11 counts of second-degree murder are as serious as it gets. The prosecutor is, however, faced with the fact that Cadden and Chin were tried and acquitted in federal court on similar charges. What happens next here is anybody’s guess. It would appear likely that this case will end up at trial as Cadden and Chin were previously tried on federal murder charges.

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