Two Men Face at Least 20 Felony Charges Each Following Arraignment on Home Invasion Charges

In late October, three men were charged with home invasion after working with a Dexter, Michigan, man to break into numerous homes in Ann Arbor and Dexter in the months of July and August. Now, two of those men are facing at least 20 felony charges each in addition to the second-degree home invasion charges.

Jeffrey Aron Schuh, 20, and Quang Nguyen, 19, were both arraigned recently on two charges each of second-degree home invasion. According to records, Schuh now faces 20 additional felony charges relating to 9 cases; Nguyen faces 24 additional felony charges related to 10 cases. Steven Colwell of Dexter, Nguyen, Schuh and Schuh’s father, Jeffrey Arthur Schuh, all allegedly worked together to break into numerous homes in Dexter, Ann Arbor and other Washtenaw County areas.

News reports indicate that Nguyen and Jeffrey Aron Schuh allegedly broke into homes on six different occasions in July, and three in August. Nguyen and Schuh’s father broke into another home on July 26.

The two men now face multiple charges, and face a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. Nguyen is facing two charges each of safe breaking, stealing a financial transaction device, and first-degree home invasion along with 18 charges of second-degree home invasion. Jeffrey Aron Schuh faces identical charges with the exception of second-degree home invasion, in which he was charged with 16 counts.

Nguyen, Schuh and Schuh’s father are currently held at the Washtenaw County Jail, and are expected to return to court on November 8 for preliminary exams.

The 4-man home invasion ring fell apart when Colwell was arrested on August 9th and confessed to police about the home invasions which took place mostly in Ann Arbor and Dexter. Residents reported stolen belongings which included credit cards and jewelry.

Michigan home invasion lawyers know that breaking and entering is a serious offense that puts the accused at risk of facing severe punishment if convicted. This is a crime that under Michigan law is tough to defend, making it essential that you choose an aggressive, capable attorney.

Individuals arrested for home invasion, robbery and related offenses should consult with a talented Michigan criminal defense attorney at once. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner work can begin to protect your freedom, reputation and future.

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