Tips for Choosing a Michigan Criminal Appeal Attorney

If you have been convicted of an offense such as sexual assault, drug possession, drunk driving or even homicide, you may be wondering how to appeal the conviction, or if it is even an option. It is important that you select an experienced Michigan criminal appeals lawyer with a good reputation and positive results; in fact, if you have great trust in the attorney who originally represented you at trial, you may want to ask him or her for guidance.

Interview prospective lawyers before you make a hasty decision
Never feel uncomfortable about evaluating an attorney before you make a decision. Ask those you interview about their years in practice, and what portion of their practice is dedicated to criminal defense. Today, there are many lawyers who seem to be “jack of all trades,” who handle not only criminal cases, but divorce, personal injury, even business law or bankruptcy. It is to your advantage to choose a Michigan criminal appeals attorney who focuses solely on criminal defense. Like other professions, an attorney cannot be an expert in every aspect of the law!

Keep in mind that one appellate lawyer is not necessarily as effective as another
Years of experience, how aggressive an attorney is, even his or her intelligence – these are all factors that may impact whether an appeal is a success or failure. It is essential that you hire a highly regarded quality appellate attorney, as with most appeals it is an uphill battle and one that requires a capable lawyer with a proven track record.

Other things to consider
In your search for a capable criminal appeals lawyer in Michigan, it never hurts to ask for trustworthy recommendations. You may ask co-workers, family members, friends, anyone you trust. Most lawyers today also maintain a website advertising their services, and often you can find client testimonials on the site, or articles regarding previous cases they have won. Even then, it is critical that you speak with the attorney in person. Additionally, you may want to do a little research to determine if the lawyer you are considering has been cited for any ethical violations.

When questioning an appellate attorney, consider the answers he or she gives carefully. No criminal appeals lawyer can guarantee the outcome you want. Expect candid replies to your questions, even if it means that there are no options left.

If you feel that you deserve a second chance or that you were wrongly convicted, consult with a talented Michigan criminal appeals lawyer today. There is limited time in which you can file an appeal, so do not delay.

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