Tip from Pizza Delivery Driver Leads Police to Door of Suspected Drug Dealer in Ohio

Recently, a 20-year-old Mason, OH man was arrested after a pizza delivery driver from LaRosa’s Pizza provided the tip police needed to arrest the man for passing counterfeit $50 bills around town. When police arrived at the suspect’s doorstep, they found more than they bargained for.

According to a news report at WLWT5, the pizza delivery driver was given a $50 bill in payment for the pizza. When the note looked suspect to the driver, he drove straight back to the LaRosa’s location, where store officials called police. Police had been aware that fake $50 bills were used at various businesses in the area, and they had a surveillance video of the suspect at a Marathon gas station. When police found the pizza delivery was made to the same address where the suspect on the Marathon gas station video lived, they obtained a search warrant for the condo.

Upon searching the home of 20-year-old Devon Jicarr Cardwell, police found not only counterfeit $20 and $50 bills in the floor vents of one of the rooms, they also found marijuana packaged for sale and three guns. All of these items were in a single room within the condo; Cardwell was not allowed to own or possess firearms because he was a convicted felon. He was charged with drug trafficking, having weapons under disability, and forgery.

Police suspect the counterfeit money and drugs may be linked to a larger organization, and are still investigating.

In most states, the penalties for a drug trafficking conviction depend on whether it is a first offense, the type and amount of drug involved, criminal history, and other factors. Drug trafficking is a serious crime, one that will leave those found guilty facing years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines, along with a criminal record.

In Michigan, trafficking a substance as seemingly minor as marijuana may result in up to four years in prison. Other illegal narcotic drugs such as cocaine or heroin may leave a defendant facing 20 years to life behind bars, depending on the amount of the substance involved. Ultimately, a person may be charged with distributing drugs or trafficking if that individual is found to be in possession of an amount of drugs larger than what would typically be considered normal for personal use. Police and prosecutors are vigilant in their efforts to “crack down” on those they believe to be the worst offenders – those who sell, distribute, or traffic illegal substances.

If you have been accused of drug trafficking or any drug offense, it is vital to take steps immediately to protect your legal rights and freedom. Consult with an experienced and aggressive Michigan drug crimes lawyer who will provide legal guidance and support, and work to reach a positive result in your case.

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