Three Men Charged in Southfield Shooting and Robbery at TGI Friday’s

On Friday December 28, a man was allegedly shot and robbed at approximately 7 p.m. in a TGI Friday parking lot in Southfield. Police received the information and acted quickly, resulting in the arrest of three men. A fourth man was also apprehended, but was not charged with a crime.

After receiving information given to police by the victim, officers fled in pursuit of the suspects. According to Lt. Nick Loussia of the Southfield Police, officers stopped a vehicle that matched the description of the car they were given. Items that were stolen from the alleged victim were recovered, and four men were taken into custody although a weapon was not located. News reports state that police closed down southbound lanes of the Lodge Freeway between Seven and Eight Mile roads, but did not find a gun. They believed that the suspects may have tossed the gun from the vehicle.

Those charged in the crime include 19-year-old Jordan T. Brown of Lima, Ohio, 21-year-old Paris O. McGhee of Detroit, and 19-year-old Kevon B. Ingram of Lima, Ohio. McGhee and Brown were charged with armed robbery; Ingram was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, according to a Southfield Police Department news release. Brown is also charged with possession of a firearm in commission of a felony.

Bond was set at $10,000 or 10% for Ingram, $250,000 for McGhee and 1 million for Brown.

Armed robbery is considered an extremely serious offense in the state of Michigan. Those who are arrested must seek the skill and expertise of a seasoned Michigan criminal defense attorney. Without aggressive legal counsel, individuals convicted of this offense may face substantial prison time.

Depending on the circumstances, whether force was used or the crime was carried out while the accused was in possession of a gun or even insinuated he/she had a weapon, penalties may range from 15 years in prison to life. If you have been arrested for armed robbery, do not hesitate to contact a trusted team of Michigan criminal defense lawyers who will work to prevent criminal charges and protect your freedom.

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