Sweep Performed by ‘Secret Task Force’ Nabs 21 Involved in Heroin Trafficking in New York on Tuesday

Over the past year, a special task force that was unknown to the public has arrested more than 125 individuals who allegedly dealt in heroin. On Tuesday, January 13, the Westchester County Northern Narcotics Initiative performed a sweep that nabbed 21 additional individuals allegedly involved in dealing heroin and crack, according to a news report at Lohud. This is when the task force revealed its existence.

The task force has been working on eliminating the crack and heroin dealers who are selling the drugs on the street, along with their suppliers. Targeting Westchester County, the task force is said to be comprised of Westchester County police, seven local police departments, and FBI agents.

Several of the individuals arrested sold drugs to undercover police officers, according to an indictment charging 15 of the 21 arrested on Tuesday. Evidence also includes telephone conversations regarding crack and heroin sales, converting powder to crack, and other drug related topics mentioned in the indictment.

In Tuesday’s sweep of the area, drugs valued at approximately $1 million were seized by authorities. The task force formed in early 2014 after several heroin and overdose deaths in Montrose and Buchanan in 2013, and in response to a rapid increase in heroin use.

The news article states that heroin has become a drug of choice for many in the Lower Hudson Valley and outlying areas, because of its cost in comparison to oxycodone and other street prescription drugs. In 2013, 44 people died due to heroin in the county; in 2014, the number decreased substantially to an estimated 20 deaths.

Several individuals who were arrested are in federal custody, charged with narcotics conspiracy, heroin, cocaine, and crack cocaine. The penalties for a conviction on the charges the individuals face range from five years to life in prison. Others were arrested on state charges, and charged with various offenses including third- and fifth-degree sale of a controlled substance, fourth-degree sale of marijuana, and other charges.

Illegal narcotics and drugs are a growing problem across the country. Anyone who is found to be producing or manufacturing drugs, in possession of meth, heroin, cocaine, or other substances, or suspected of selling or distributing illicit drugs will face serious repercussions. Depending on the offense, individuals may face jail time or prison time (even life behind bars in some cases), fines, community service, and much more. Essentially, a conviction for a serious drug crime can ruin your life forever.

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