Sparta Man Faces Felony Charges Following Alleged Armed Robbery of Admiral Gas Station

33-year-old Jason Michael Warfield of Sparta was recently charged in connection with the June 21 armed robbery of an Admiral gas station located at 206 S. State Street. Warfield allegedly used a knife and bicycle in the commission of the crime.

According to a news article at, Warfield made his getaway on a bicycle after taking cash and cigarettes from a clerk at knifepoint. The robbery took place at around 10 p.m. After fleeing on a bicycle, police arrived at a nearby home after a tracking dog followed Warfield’s scent, according to Sparta Police Chief Andrew Milanowski.

While there was no one at the home when police got there, a vehicle arrived shortly thereafter. Warfield was inside the vehicle, and ran inside the house with a bag in his hand; he was then arrested. The suspect was charged with armed robbery as a habitual offender and possession of narcotics, less than 25 grams.

Considered a habitual offender due to convictions for domestic violence more than a decade ago, Warfield was given the opportunity by the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office to plead guilty to charges of armed robbery and possession of narcotics less than 25 grams. Warfield’s status as a habitual or repeat offender could result in a much harsher sentence should the defendant not agree to the plea deal. In fact, he could face a sentence of life in prison.

As of the morning of July 4, Warfield remained in the Kent County Jail on a $260,000 bond.

Michigan armed robbery attorneys understand that in order to be charged with this serious criminal offense, an individual does not have to wield a gun and escape in a “getaway” car. In fact, there does not have to be a weapon at all. If an individual even insinuates the presence of a weapon in order to instill fear in the victim, he/she may be charged with armed robbery, although no actual weapon exists.

Theft, armed or unarmed robbery, breaking and entering – these are all serious crimes that could leave you facing harsh criminal penalties if convicted. Protect your legal rights and freedom by obtaining the skill and expertise of a seasoned Michigan criminal defense lawyer.

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