Sobriety – an Important Factor in a Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Appeal

Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys know that the most important factor in getting your driver’s license restored when it has been suspended because of DUI/OUI is your ability to remain sober. Any driver can claim that they no longer drink, and will not pose a risk on the roads. Simply saying that you are now sober won’t get the job done. Examiners at your DAAD hearing will want proof that there is a low risk of you getting behind the wheel after you have consumed alcohol, and subsequently being charged with DUI or OUI again.

Have your driver’s license restored is not an easy task; it is essential that you obtain the guidance of a skilled Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyer who can ensure that you are well prepared, and that all necessary documentation has been gathered.

When you attend your DAAD hearing, Hearing Officers will demand that there is clear evidence that your alcohol problem is currently under control, and that (perhaps even more important) you are not likely to consume alcohol in the future.

Essentially, living a sober lifestyle is the key to having your driver’s license restored. While it may sound like an impossible accomplishment, as time goes by remaining sober becomes second nature. If you’re someone who usually drinks and parties on the weekends, it’s hard to imagine facing the weekend without a drink. How will it feel to spend the weekend in a sober state of mind? What will your friends think? This brings us to another point.

It’s likely that in order to maintain your sobriety, you will need to find a new set of friends. Hanging out with people who drink while watching a movie or football game, or who like to make the rounds to all of the clubs on weekends will make your efforts to remain sober nearly impossible.

Essentially, you will need to change up your “routine,” not going to those places that tempt you to drink. Whether you drink every day of the week, only on weekends, are a closet drinker or even a “binge” drinker, it’s important that you avoid those people/circumstances/places that are a temptation.. For instance, you wouldn’t want to make a stop at the liquor store you usually frequent to buy a coke or package of nuts. Avoid temptation, and it’s easier to avoid a relapse.

If you have had your license suspended or revoked because of a DUI, OUI or repeat offenses, consult with an aggressive Michigan driver’s license restoration attorney who will work vigorously to prove your case the first time.

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