Second Auto Theft in Ypsilanti Over the Last Week as Running Car Gets Stolen from Driveway

On Thursday January 7, a car that was left running in a driveway in Ypsilanti was stolen according to a news report at Authorities say the car, a 2005 silver Chevrolet Impala, was at a residence in the 1000 block of Nash Avenue when the incident occurred.

Two unknown suspects were last observed driving the vehicle north on Nash. The car is reported to have a dent in the front driver side quarter panel, and a paper plate in the rear window.

Just two days earlier, a woman left her vehicle running as she went inside a business in Ypsilanti; her vehicle was gone when she returned just 10 minutes later. This incident occurred in the 600 block of East Michigan Avenue. In this case, the vehicle stolen was a 2010 Ford Fusion, gray in color, with damage to the right side of the front bumper. Reports claim the bumper has duct tape on it.

Auto theft or unlawfully driving away an automobile are serious criminal charges. Not only may the person who actually drove away a vehicle belonging to someone else face charges, those who aid in taking a vehicle may be subject to the same harsh penalties if found guilty. In Michigan, a person who is convicted of grand theft auto or unlawfully driving away an automobile may face a substantial number of years in prison (typically up to five years), along with large fines. Even when a person takes someone else’s vehicle and uses it without the intent to steal it, he or she may face up to two years behind bars along with fines of as much as $1,500. In addition to prison/jail time and fines, those found guilty will have a permanent criminal record.

When facing auto theft charges, it is vital to work with a skilled Michigan criminal defense attorney who will provide legal guidance and support, helping you avoid serious punishment. There are legal options in most cases; some defendants choose to accept a plea deal, in essence pleading guilty to a lesser offense in order to escape the most serious punishment. Depending on the evidence and other factors, it may be possible to have charges dismissed. Regardless of the circumstances, it is vital to protect your future, reputation, and freedom by working with a capable, dedicated lawyer who will fight aggressively on your behalf.

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