Questions Regarding Arizona Special Interest Lobbyist Driving on Suspended License

Did he or didn’t he? Some believe he did, others won’t say whether Arizona special interest lobbyist Fred DuVal has driven on a suspended driver’s license this year after his license was suspended following numerous traffic tickets . The license suspension period began in mid-June and lasted to September, according to news sources. DuVal did file to have his driver’s license reinstated earlier this month.

The AZ Daily Sun reported that DuVal’s license was suspended for failure to pay a $20 fee for a red-light violation, although he did go to traffic school and pay a fine. When asked if DuVal had driven on a suspended license, press aide Geoff Vetter said only that there is someone who works on DuVal’s campaign who picked him up in the morning and drives him home at night following campaign events. Vetter said that he was not going to call DuVal and ask whether he took his young son to Dairy Queen on Sunday.

Another news article at AZ Central reports that DuVal, who is the Democratic nominee for governor of Arizona, did drive while his license was suspended – but that he had no idea it had been suspended. In December of 2013, DuVal made a right-hand turn at a red light without coming to a complete stop, according to consultant Rodd McLeod, who also said that DuVal paid the ticket, but failed to pay the $20 fee required to reinstate his driver’s license. McLeod said that while DuVal did drive a few times, he had no idea his license was suspended.

Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorneys understand that there are frequently situations in which a person may drive, never knowing that his or her license has been suspended. However, in the majority of cases, someone’s driver’s license is suspended due to DUI, or even revoked due to multiple DUI’s. Regardless of the reason for suspension, when you get caught driving on a suspended license you will face the consequences.

Depending on the reason an individual’s license was suspended initially, the penalties for driving on a suspended license may including doubling the length of the original suspension period, fines, or even jail time. Ultimately, it is vital to work with a skilled and experienced attorney in order to avoid charges when possible, or have them dismissed.

Having your driver’s license restored when it has been suspended for driving under the influence or other reasons is not easy, and requires much more than simply requesting reinstatement. Whether you have been caught driving on a suspended license, or want to learn more about the process involved in having your driving privilege restored, contact a trusted Michigan driver’s license lawyer at once.

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