Oklahoma Man Arrested After Receiving Marijuana Through Mail

On Friday November 20, 30-year-old William Garbe was arrested after alleged receiving marijuana that was shipped to his Yukon residence via the U.S. Postal Service. According to an article at KFOR 4, the package Garbe received weighed almost eight pounds, and contained $100,000 worth of high-grade marijuana grown in California.

Employees at an Oklahoma City mail processing center noticed the package smelled strongly of marijuana; at that point authorities brought in a drug-sniffing dog who alerted positively to the presence of illegal drugs in the package. At that point a search warrant was obtained for Garbe’s Yukon home, the delivery address listed on the parcel.

According to Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards, it is believed Garbe is the middle-man in an OK City drug smuggling ring. Edwards said they believe Garbe receives the drugs before delivering them to a street-level drug dealer. When the package was delivered to Garbe’s address, an adult female accepted it; the home was searched and the marijuana found less than an hour later.

Garbe was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and booked into the Canadian County Jail.

The penalties for various drug offenses are different in every state, however charges of possession with intent to distribute are always more serious than a simple possession charge. In the state of Michigan, possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor offense; add on the intent to distribute, sell, or manufacture, and it becomes a felony. The criminal penalties for those found guilty are severe, and vary depending on the amount of marijuana involved, the person’s criminal history, where the offense occurred, and other factors.

In Michigan, possession of more than 45 kilograms of marijuana with intent to distribute the drug may result in fines of as much as $10 million and/or a maximum of 15 years in prison. It’s also important to note that an individual could be charged at the federal level when a certain amount of marijuana is involved and the charges involve manufacturing. In the majority of cases, those accused of violating federal drug laws will face sentencing that is even harsher than sentences typically given at the state level.

When arrested for crimes involving the manufacture, sale, or distribution of illegal drugs or narcotics, your freedom is at risk – not to mention your reputation and career. Specific elements of a crime must be proven by prosecutors in order for a person to be found guilty. It is important anyone who is facing drug charges be proactive and consult with a skilled Michigan drug crimes lawyer immediately.

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