Oakland Resident Arrested for DUI, More After Allegedly Striking, Killing Man Outside his Car

Recently, 31-year-old Keri Cache of Oakland, CA was arrested after she allegedly struck and killed a pedestrian while driving under the influence. According to news reports, a 28-year-old man was struck by Cache as he was outside of his vehicle checking a tire. The victim reportedly careened down an embankment along the freeway after being hit.

An off-duty Berkeley police officer claims he saw Cache in her Chevrolet Malibu on eastbound Interstate Highway 80 as she was driving at about 75 mph in the slow lane and weaving back and forth. Soon after she crashed into the victim’s Toyota which was pulled over on the shoulder of the highway.

According to the officer, Cache continued on and did not stop at the scene of the accident. He then alerted authorities and continued his pursuit of the Malibu as it exited the highway, then pulled into a grocery store parking lot where Cache allegedly drove in circles before leaving. After exiting the parking lot, CHP reported she ran a red light and returned to the Interstate, where she was eventually apprehended by an officer and pulled over.

Following the crash, eastbound lanes of the highway were closed for approximately two hours. Cache was arrested on suspicion of DUI causing the loss of life, driving with a suspended license, and felony hit and fun causing the loss of life.

Any time someone is driving under the influence it puts not only their own life at risk, but the lives of others as well. Most DUI cases are fairly straightforward, however when someone is killed the consequences become much more serious. In Michigan, someone charged with driving under the influence for the first time will likely face fines, driver’s license suspension, and perhaps a short stint in jail or community service. A criminal record will also result, which often impacts employment and other opportunities.

In Michigan, those who drive under the influence of alcohol and cause the death of another person are often charged with OUIL (operating under the influence of liquor) causing death. This is an extremely serious charge that requires the legal support and guidance of a skilled Michigan DUI attorney, as the penalties for those found guilty are extremely harsh. These penalties include a maximum of 15 years in prison, however in some cases prosecutors may decide to add a charge of murder as well. It is critical to consult with a seasoned defense lawyer immediately when facing these serious criminal charges.

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