Novi School Principal Accused of DUI Placed on Immediate Paid Leave

Deerfield Elementary Principal Kim Warren was recently suspended after it was suspected that she was drinking alcohol on her lunch break. The Novi, Michigan elementary school principal was arrested for DUI after Novi police received a 911 call reporting an erratic driver, according to Police Lieutenant Eric Zinser. As of the most recent news reports charges had not been filed against Warren, however the Novi city prosecutor will review the case to determine if charges will be filed.

According to a news article at, Warren was found in the school parking lot sitting in her car following the 911 call. The school district said that she was suspected of being intoxicated and that an open container of alcohol was found in her vehicle. Warren was taken into custody by Novi police on Monday, and released that evening. Deerfield Elementary Superintendent Steve Matthews said that Warren made a poor decision, but that she did not enter the school building and remained in her car. She was taken into custody by police after they smelled alcohol and conducted field sobriety tests.

The school named Lisa Fenchel as Warren’s replacement while the school board makes a decision regarding whether she will remain employed. The school’s website was updated within hours of the incident, naming Fenchel as the interim principal.

While news reports state that Warren is “deeply regretful” of her actions, Matthews said that she made a horrible decision and will not return to the Deerfield Elementary school for a long time, if ever. Matthews issued a letter to parents and guardians of the students informing them of the situation and assuring them that Warren at no time during the incident came into contact with the students.

Warren has been employed as principal at the school for two years.

While it is a sad situation, Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyers know that if Warren is charged with DUI or drunken driving and convicted, she will face penalties including fines, jail time, and license suspension. It may seem that spending time in jail would be the worst punishment, however having your driver’s license suspended for 6 months is often the harshest punishment of all as it severely restricts your life.

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