North Carolina Woman Arrested, Facing Felony Drug Trafficking Charges

On Saturday, March 7, Melanie Ann Pruitt was arrested on felony drug trafficking charges after authorities asked for the public’s help in locating the 39-year-old Salisbury, NC woman. Her boyfriend, 50-year-old Robin Lee Guest, was also arrested.

According to a news article at the Salisbury Post, the two shipped large amounts of methamphetamine from Salisbury to California through the U.S. Postal Service from July to October of last year. The two were caught when they allegedly sold meth to undercover investigators.

Pruitt was found hiding inside a closet at a rented residence. Guest was arrested on the Catawba College campus, and is said to be in federal custody at the present time. According to the college, he worked there and was suspended before being terminated from his job.

Pruitt has prior felony convictions for three counts of possession of cocaine and financial card theft; she has charges pending on a charge of habitual felon in Rowan County Superior Court. According to the article, the investigation of Pruitt and Guest resulted in law enforcement seizing 155 grams of “ice” meth, valued at just over $30,000.

Drug trafficking, regardless of the illegal substance involved, is a serious crime that leaves those convicted facing harsh criminal penalties. In the state of Michigan, someone found guilty of possession of meth with intent to deliver may face up to 20 years in prison, along with fines of up to $25,000. For repeat offenders, the penalties may be even more severe. It is also important to note that when these types of crimes occur within close proximity of a park, school, church, or other property, penalties may be enhanced.

In many drug cases, the penalties a person will face depend on the type and amount of drug involved. In some situations, a person may be sentenced to life in prison. While the criminal penalties are serious, a drug conviction may also affect the defendant’s reputation and career, which is particularly worrisome in simpler cases such as those involving a small amount of marijuana or similar charges. While you may not face substantial jail/prison time, the negative impact to your life can be difficult to overcome.

Regardless of the crime you have been accused of, contact a highly qualified Michigan drug crime attorney immediately, so that work can begin to protect your freedom and legal rights. It may be possible to have charges dismissed or reduced, however you won’t know until you speak with a defense lawyer who is dedicated to good results.

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