Never Lie About AA When it Comes to Getting Your Driver’s License Restored in Michigan

As skilled Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys, we understand that in the majority of cases individuals have their license suspended or revoked after repeated DUIs. We also know that many people have a notion that in order to have their license restored, they must attend AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Even those who are aware that it is not a requirement that they are involved in AA to have their driver’s license restored believe that somehow it makes things “better” if they are.

We are not knocking AA at all; in fact, it is usually very beneficial for individuals who have an alcohol problem to join AA or a 12-step program. However, it is never a good idea to lie about your involvement with AA in your efforts to win your license back in a Michigan driver’s license appeal. You may think it makes you “look good,” but what will likely happen is that your lies will lead to your downfall. Why?

When you attend a driver’s license restoration heating, chances are the hearing officer will question you and ask for explanations if you claim you have been attending AA meetings. For instance, you may be asked about your involvement level, what you have discovered about your relationship with alcohol and how you intend to avoid relapse/triggers with the tools the program provides, etc. You may even be asked about specific steps in the program, where you are at, how you progressed through these steps, even what the steps actually are. This can be very intimidating when you have never attended, or it’s been a long time since you actually did.

When it comes to a Michigan license restoration case, involvement in AA is beneficial – but it is absolutely not a necessity. Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys who are capable and very experienced in these types of cases can win an appeal the vast majority of the time without the client having been involved with AA. This is why it is so important that you never lie about it, as you will likely get yourself tangled up in a web that will only sabotage the chances of winning.

If your license has been suspended or revoked, it is critical that you discuss your situation with a Michigan drivers license reinstatement lawyer who understands that the most important factor for winning your license back is your sobriety, and that you are committed to staying sober. We can get you back on the road regardless of whether you are involved with AA.

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