Moved Out of Michigan and Have a ‘Hold’ on Your Driving Record Preventing You from Obtaining a Driver’s License?

Frequently, residents of Michigan who have had their driver’s licenses revoked for one reason or another (usually due to multiple DUI’s) move out of the state, then learn they cannot get a driver’s license in their new state of residence because of a ‘hold’ on their driving record in Michigan.

Anyone with a revoked Michigan license who moves out of state must obtain clearance of revocation in Michigan before you can obtain a driver’s license in the state you now live in. Many people mistakenly assume that when they move out of Michigan, they can easily get a driver’s license in the state they move to without any hassles. Not true. A revoked Michigan driver’s license follows you wherever you go! Even worse, the process of having your revocations cleared in Michigan is not easy, and requires clearance through the DAAD, or Driver Assessment and Appeal Division of the Michigan Secretary of State’s office.

You may have had your driver’s license revoked in Michigan regardless of whether all of the drunk driving offenses occurred in Michigan, or in other states. For instance, if you hold a Michigan driver’s license and rack up DUI’s in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan, your license will be revoked. In fact, you don’t even have to have a DUI in the state of Michigan to have your license revoked, if your license was issued in Michigan and you get multiple DUI’s in other states.

It sounds confusing, and truthfully it is a bit complex. The most important issue here is that if you intend to get a driver’s license in the state that you have moved to and have a revoked license in Michigan, you will have to get clearance of the hold on your driving record. If your license was revoked in Michigan due to multiple DUI’s, it is critical that you have stopped drinking, and can prove it. Otherwise, winning clearance so that you can obtain a license in your new state will be nearly impossible.

Additionally, the quality of attorney you choose can make the difference in whether you win back your privilege to drive, or remain unable to operate a vehicle. To ensure you have the best possible chance of winning clearance of the hold on your driving record, choose a capable and experienced Michigan driver’s license reinstatement lawyer.

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