Midland, TX Teacher Resigns Following Federal Arrest on Drug Charges

On Saturday, October 10, a teacher at Lee High School in Midland resigned her position as a computer technology teacher after she and her husband were arrested by federal agents for allegedly transporting and distributing methamphetamine. Theresa Renee Stroud, 47, and her husband Stacy Stroud, 52, were arrested by DEA agents and are facing federal charges, according to news reports. DEA spokesman Dente Sorianello stated that more than three ounces of meth was seized.

Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter told news sources that federal officers had been watching the couple for more than 30 days prior to the arrest, and that they did not suspect Stroud of taking drugs into her high school classroom. He went on to say that when she was apprehended, Theresa Stroud had narcotics on her person, and that more were found during the booking process when she was booked into jail.

At the time of news reports, Stroud and her husband were being held at Midland County Jail for the U.S. Marshals Service. Bond had not been set at that time.

While it is frightening to face any drug charge, being arrested by federal authorities is even more disturbing. Those who are charged with trafficking meth, cocaine, ecstasy, or other drugs may face extremely harsh punishment if convicted at the federal level. In Michigan, those who are alleged to be involved in the delivery or distribution of illegal narcotic drugs (often referred to as drug trafficking) may face punishment that includes 20 years to life in prison if found guilty, depending on the amount/type of drug involved and other factors.

Even if you are not transporting or distributing illicit substances, possessing an amount that police or prosecutors would suspect is more than usual for personal use could lead to possession with intent to sell or distribute charges. When a substantial amount of drug is discovered, authorities always suspect those involved are selling or distributing to others. Prosecutors will attack with a vengeance, which is why it is vital to seek the legal guidance and skill of an experienced Michigan drug crimes attorney immediately. Regardless of the charges you face, your legal rights and freedom must be protected, and a strong defense strategy developed should your case go to trial.

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