Michigan Man Driving John Deere Lawn Mower Arrested for DUI

Recently, a Lawton man was arrested after being pulled over by police for multiple traffic violations while he was driving a John Deere riding lawn mower. The 36-year-old man was pulling a trailer behind the lawn mower as he drove north on CR 657 near 60th Avenue in Antwerp Township, according to news articles at Fox 17. The incident occurred at approximately 9 p.m.

Police pulled the man over because there were no lights or reflective material on the homemade trailer. The man had attached flashlights to the front of the lawn mower as headlights. Upon pulling the lawn mower over, police suspected the man was intoxicated. He was arrested for drunk driving, his third DUI offense.

While this incident is a bit humorous, it could have ended tragically if someone did not see the mower and trailer and crashed into the back of it. At one point, officers noticed an oncoming car and shined their flashlights on the back of the trailer so the oncoming motorist could see it and avoid a collision.

Being charged with a third DUI is no laughing matter, regardless of the type of vehicle or equipment an individual is operating at the time. A third DUI is a felony in the state of Michigan. If convicted, the unnamed man could face severe penalties including up to five years in prison, probation for up to one year, fines of up to $5,000, community service, driver’s license suspension for up to five years, vehicle forfeiture, and more.

Other than getting the charges dismissed, those facing DUI charges basically have two options: Go to court and fight the charge after pleading not guilty, or pleading guilty or no contest. For first-time offenders, a plea bargain may be an attractive option. When a defendant pleads guilty or no contest, he/she accepts the sanctions of the court. Ultimately, it is important to work with an experienced Michigan DUI defense lawyer who can help the defendant understand the options and determine the best course of legal action. A defense attorney’s top priority is to prevent a conviction and help the defendant avoid jail time and other damaging repercussions.

Regardless of whether it is your first DUI or third, it is critical to obtain the legal guidance and support of a capable and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

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