Memphis School Bus Driver’s License Was Suspended When He Wrecked Bus with Students on Board

Recently it was reported that a 25-year-old former school bus driver in Memphis was driving a bus with students on board without a license when he wrecked the bus on September 5. While none of the children were seriously injured, it was found that Tommy Anderson’s license had been suspended due to unpaid traffic tickets and fines, according to a news article at WDAM 7. Anderson was fired by Durham School Services after learning he was operating the bus on a suspended license.

Anderson allegedly had nearly $900 in unpaid fines and eight open traffic tickets over the past four years. All of the violations were personal vehicle violations, and all but one occurred during the time Anderson was employed as a school bus driver. At his court appearance, Anderson claimed he knew nothing of the unpaid tickets, or that his driver’s license had been suspended.

Durham School Services spokesperson Molly Hart was asked at an earlier date about whether the school district was aware of Anderson’s license suspension. She replied saying that it was the state’s responsibility to inform them of any change to Anderson’s license status, but that they were not notified.

Anderson said that the cause of the accident on September 5 was a dog that ran across the road. He went on to say that it was his only accident in three years, and that there are more than 1,000 new bus routes that drivers are still becoming accustomed to.

Michigan driver’s license reinstatement attorneys know there are many cases in which a person is not aware that his or her license has been suspended. While the state is required to notify motorists when their driver’s license has been suspended or revoked, an individual may not receive notification in the mail, or may have moved residences and for some reason the notification was not forwarded. Regardless, a suspension can wreck your career, as is indicated above. It can also result in difficulty navigating day to day life, not to mention jail time, fines, and an even longer suspension period.

In the majority of cases DUI or reckless driving are the cause of suspensions. However, when an individual racks up numerous traffic citations or moving violations, it will result in license suspension.

Regardless of why your driver’s license was suspended, you may be facing serious consequences. With the right attorney, it may be possible to have your driving privilege restored. Contact a highly experienced Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyer who will review your case and determine if and how you can get back behind the wheel.

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