Memorial Day Weekend 2014: Time for Fun, but Not Driving Drunk

The Memorial Day holiday will be observed this year on May 26, which means many people will have the day off and enjoy a long weekend. While Memorial Day is a day to pay respect to those individuals who have worked to serve and protect our country, many people take the opportunity to go camping, enjoy a cook-out with friends and family, and participate in other fun activities. At Grabel & Associates, we want you to enjoy the weekend – but not to the point of getting arrested for DUI.

Beginning May 22 and going through June 4, Michigan’s ‘Buckle Up or Pay Up’ campaign will be in force. Our state’s version of Click It or Ticket, Michigan State Police will set up zones and check to ensure motorists are wearing seat belts and children are in booster or car seats. This is also the perfect opportunity for law enforcement to catch those who are driving under the influence, which many do on this holiday. Drunk driving enforcement will be increased in 40 counties across Michigan over the next two weeks including Eaton, Ingham, and Wayne Counties. Why risk it? The odds will increase substantially that if you drive after consuming alcohol, you will be caught.

If you’re going to enjoy a family get together, appoint a designated driver or spend the night. It simply isn’t worth getting stopped and arrested for drunk driving, or even worse, becoming involved in an accident. If you’re going camping over the weekend, stop drinking alcohol in plenty of time to be sober and capable of driving safely on your trip home.

Memorial Day should be a time to enjoy relaxing with friends and family, time off from work, and most important of all, paying tribute to those who defend our country. Drinking and driving do not mix, and in doing so you may put your own safety as well as the safety of others at risk – not to mention the criminal penalties you will face if charged with DUI. Jail time, fines, driver’s license suspension, and community service are just a few of the consequences you may face if arrested for a drunken driving offense.

Stay safe, and enjoy the holiday. Buckle up, and make sure everyone in your vehicle is following the rules during the May-June Click It or Ticket campaign.

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