Medical Marijuana Store Owner to Stand Trial on Drunk Driving Incident Charges from New Year’s Day

Daniel Trevino, a Lansing man who owns HydroWorld stores in Grand Rapids, Jackson, and Lansing, will be put on trial for fleeing and eluding police in an incident that occurred on New Year’s Day, according to news reports at Trevino sells medical marijuana at the chain of stores. A judge ruled that there is enough evidence to put Trevino on trial after he allegedly failed to stop for a traffic infraction and then proceeded to damage an officer’s patrol car before speeding off.

News reports state that Trevino was observed driving an extensively damaged vehicle by a Lansing patrol officer on New Year’s day in the area of North Grand River Avenue. According to the patrol officer, the vehicle was missing a wheel, rear bumper, and driver/passenger side panels. As the officer attempted to pull Trevino over, he would not stop initially, but pulled over after being pursued for several blocks.

Upon getting out of his patrol car, the officer claimed that Trevino put his vehicle in reverse, ramming it into the patrol car. He then allegedly sped off with the officer in pursuit. Trevino came to a stop after approximately two blocks in the 4000 block of North Grand River Avenue, where he was placed under arrest by the officer. Trevino was ticketed after refusing to take a breath test according to court records. After posting 10% of a $10,000 bond, Trevino was released from jail the following day.

Lansing District Judge Hugh Clarke stated that as a condition of his bond, Trevino is prohibited from using alcohol and controlled substances which are not prescribed to him. Third-degree fleeing and eluding police may subject individuals in Michigan who are convicted to up to five years in prison and a $1,000 fine.

While news reports do not mention it, Michigan driver’s license restoration lawyers know that in Michigan, individuals who refuse to take a breath test could face license suspension for up to two years. While this may seem minor in comparison to prison time, driving is an essential privilege; without this privilege, an individual’s life is severely impacted.

If you have refused a breath test or have had your driver’s license suspended or revoked for other reasons, consult with an experienced and effective Michigan drivers license reinstatement attorney right away. Depending on your situation, it may be possible to have your driving privilege restored.

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