Massachusetts Public Transportation Bus Driver Has License Revoked Following Accident

Shanna Shaw, an MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) bus driver, had her driver’s license revoked following a

Photo by MBTA

crash on May 18 that sent nine individuals, including Shaw, to the hospital for treatment of injuries. According to CBS Boston, all suffered only minor injuries in the crash that was said to be caused by a sneeze.

Shaw claimed that her sneezing caused the crash, however she also admitted that at the time, she had a cell phone in one hand and another object in the other hand. The crash took place at around 7:30 that morning, leaving the bus and its occupants teetering over the Massachusetts Turnpike after plunging through the guardrail.

Shaw’s license was revoked following a request on Wednesday by MBTA Transit Police who requested the revocation under the Immediate Threat Provision. As a result of the license revocation, Shaw’s employment has been suspended and she will not receive pay. She has also been charged with obstruction of justice, driving to endanger, speeding, and impeded operation. Passengers of the bus claim that prior to the accident, Shaw was talking on her cell phone and rummaging through her purse.

In this situation, the odds that Shanna Shaw will get her driver’s license restored so that she can continue to operate public transportation are not good. However, Michigan driver’s license restoration attorneys understand that in many cases, commercial drivers have their licenses suspended or revoked in connection with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or due to reckless driving, an accident, or other traffic violations. For example, the use of a commercial motor vehicle in committing a felony offense, or driving a commercial vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident will result in license suspension or revocation.

Commercial drivers may face punishment including license sanctions for running a red light, speeding, driving while under the influence, insurance violations, and more. We understand that for a bus or truck driver, or driver of any commercial vehicle, having your driver’s license is your livelihood. It is how you make a living, how you support yourself and your family. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to have your license restored – but it is vital to understand that the process is complicated and not easy. The most critical factor in reaching a positive outcome is consulting with a capable and experienced Michigan drivers license reinstatement lawyer who is 100% dedicated to your case and helping you navigate the process.

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