Man Suspected of Robbing Byron Township Citgo Apprehended by Police Following Brief Chase

On Wednesday, May 13, an armed robber stole cash from a Byron Township Citgo station located on 84th St. SW, according to a recent news article at The robbery occurred at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon; police identified the suspect on Thursday, who was caught on a surveillance camera inside the Citgo.

The suspect, whose name was not released, was allegedly armed with a knife when he robbed the gas station. On Thursday evening, police spotted the man driving a white Dodge pickup in Grand Rapids just after 6:30 in the area of Broadway Avenue north of Leonard Street NW. The man spotted the patrol car and drove off, which resulted in a short vehicle chase before the man exited his pickup and fled on foot. According to deputies, the man jumped down a steep embankment and suffered injuries after landing on a tree. He was found a short time later hiding next to an abandoned building, and was arrested before being transported to a local hospital via AMR Ambulance.

The news report indicated the suspect is being guarded by Michigan Department of Corrections officers, and is held on a parole violation.

In the state of Michigan, armed robbery is a very serious crime. Even when the alleged offender does not possess a weapon but insinuates the presence of one, he/she can be charged with armed robbery. In this case, the suspect may have insinuated the presence of a knife, or employees at the Citgo may have actually seen the weapon. Regardless, those convicted of armed robbery will face a minimum of two years behind bars, and may be sentenced to up to life in prison. Armed robbery is a theft crime that is also considered violent in nature, because of the fear, force, or violence used against victims.

If you have been arrested for any theft or larceny offense it is vital to consult with a skilled Michigan criminal defense attorney. Action must be taken immediately to protect your legal rights and determine the best legal strategy so that your freedom and future may be protected.

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