Man Found Not Guilty in Bad Axe Boat Destruction Case

After a 3-day jury trial, a Huron County Circuit Court jury returned a verdict of not guilty on a man charged with two felonies. The defendant, Travis M. Kosinski, was found not guilty of one county of breaking and entering a building with intent, and one count of malicious destruction of personal property.

The charges stemmed from a June 2016 allegation, Konsinski was accused of doing thousands of dollars of damage to a 1974 24-foot Sea Ray boat that belonged to his relative. Peter Samouris of Grabel and Associates led Kosinski’s defense.

Samouris provided commentary on the trial when he said, “I’m glad that justice was served in Travis’s case. My client has always maintained his innocence-and as one of the jurors told me afterwards-he was wondering why it was even charged in the first place. Travis is delighted to put all of this behind him. Justice was served with this verdict.”

Scott Grabel is the founder of Grabel and Associates, which is known as the top criminal defense firm in the state of Michigan. When asked about the case, Grabel said, “Pete (Samouris) was extremely prepared for this trial. He is one of the best trial lawyers in the state of Michigan, and we are lucky to have him on our team. This case was very personal to Pete, and he certainly got the outcome that he deserved.”

William Amadeo is a Senior Associate for Grabel and Associates and discussed the case when he said, “Before I started running trials, I used to watch Peter as a tutorial. The fact that the jury came back with a verdict in an hour and 20 minutes speaks volumes for the work that Peter put in. It was truly a great day for justice.”

While the jury was convinced in a reasonably quick fashion, the case had many twists and turns. Peter Samouris was on top of every issue and delivered an excellent defense. While some cases should never be charged, the reality is that many innocent people face a loss of their freedom regardless of their guilt. The severity of the charges against Travis Kosinski gives a real-world example of how a prosecutor and defense lawyer can see a case in such different fashions.

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