Long Island Limo Crash Caused by Drunk Driver Ends in Tragedy as Four Bridesmaids Killed

On Saturday July 18, four women were killed and two other seriously injured in a crash involving a limo and a pickup truck, according to a news report at CBS News. The crash occurred in the North Fork of Long Island in Cutchogue; it is believed the driver of the truck was intoxicated. He was arrested following the crash that left the limo nearly cut in half.

The limo was carrying seven women who had just left a local Winery following a bachelorette party. The vehicle was headed eastbound on Route 48 when it was struck by the pickup as it attempted to make a U-turn in a westbound direction. All four of the women who were killed were bridesmaids, and three died on impact while the fourth died later at Taconic Bay Hospital.

The bride and another woman were also in the limo when the crash occurred; both were said to be in critical condition. The man driving the pickup truck, whose name has not been released, was hospitalized for minor injuries to his face.

Police said all of the victims were from the New York City area. The driver of the pickup fled the scene of the accident according to Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley, but was soon apprehended.

Update: According to The Daily Mail, the driver of the pickup was 54-year-old Steve Romeo who is co-owner of Romeo Dimon Marine Services. Some reports claim the women had just left a birthday party, rather than a bachelorette party. Regardless, the outcome is tragic.

Reports indicate Romeo has been charged with driving under the influence, however it is likely he will face more serious charges considering four young women lost their lives, and others were injured.

Driving under the influence is a serious criminal offense, no matter where it happens. In Michigan, a first DUI offense may result in jail time, fines, probation, community service, a suspended driver’s license, and more for those convicted. When the charges are DUI causing death or serious bodily injury, the accused may face up to 15 years in prison in Michigan if found guilty.

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