Lansing Woman to Stand Trial on Charge of Assault With a Dangerous Weapon in Slashing of Acquaintance

On Thursday April 11, 26-year-old Pamela King was bound over to circuit court by Lansing District Judge Hugh Clarke on a charge of felonious assault, also known as assault with a dangerous weapon. King allegedly slashed an acquaintance in the course of an argument on March 31 of this year.

According to news articles at, King and the alleged victim who is 23 years old became involved in an argument inside the apartment where King lives; as the victim was attempting to leave, King allegedly slashed the back of the woman’s neck. When police arrived, the alleged victim was in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

Lansing police arrested King inside her apartment located in the 500 block of W. Saginaw St. On April 1 King posted $1,875 bond according to court records. She was prohibited from having any contact with the alleged victim, and also from using controlled substances or alcohol; she is required to submit to random urine testing. King’s alleged victim was hospitalized with injuries which were determined to be non life-threatening.

Michigan felonious assault attorneys understand the seriousness of these types of charges. According to the Michigan Penal Code 750.82, an individual convicted on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon may face penalties which include fines of up to $2,000 and up to four years in prison. The penalties may be even more severe if the assault was committed in a school area.

Police and prosecutors are extremely aggressive when an individual is suspected of committing a criminal offense, and often times search for reasons to up the charge to a more serious offense. If you have been arrested for any serious or violent crime, your freedom and future may be at risk. Consult with an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer at once.

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