Jenison Contractor to Spend Minimum of Three Years in Prison for Larceny by Conversion

In October of this year, 32-year-old Jeffery Scott TenElshof of Jenison pleaded guilty to two counts of larceny by conversion of more than $1,000 but less than $20,000. On Thursday December 18, he unsuccessfully attempted to withdraw his guilty pleas at his sentencing hearing before Kent County Circuit Court Judge Mark Trusock.

TenElshof was sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for taking money for construction projects, but never completing the jobs. Hi attorney contends that TenElshof simply got behind on the projects as he was extremely busy, and that his intention was never to steal the money clients paid him. One Sand Lake resident paid TenElshof $3,500 to replace some siding on her home, a project that was never completed, according to Colleen Bent, who said TenElshof came up with all kinds of excuses as to why he was not working on the project.

According to Gregory Boer, Assistant Kent County Prosecutor, TenElshof had a plea deal that would have left him facing less than one year in jail had he repaid the money that he stole to the clients. Because he did not repay any of the money, he was sentenced to prison.

According to a news article at, TenElshof is facing charges in Grand Rapids, Hudsonville, and also has charges pending in Ottawa and Kent Counties. He is also a convicted sex offender, according to the news article. Because of his growing criminal record, the additional charges the defendant faces could leave him facing up to life in prison if convicted, because he would be classified as a fourth-felony offender.

Michigan criminal defense attorneys are aware that for some people, it seems like staying out of trouble with the law is impossible. However, many people find themselves in situations that evolve into a criminal offense, never intending to break the law. In addition, it is not at all uncommon for someone to be charged with a crime he or she did not commit. Regardless of the situation, no one wants to face ruin of their reputation, possible jail time, fines, and other punishment. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, consult with an aggressive and skilled Michigan criminal defense lawyer immediately.

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