Indiana University Safety Antonio Allen Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges

On Tuesday June 16, 20-year-old Antonio Allen, football player and safety at Indiana University was arrested on multiple drug charges, according to an article at the Indy Star.  Allen has been suspended from the Hoosiers after being charged with dealing heroin (more than 10 grams) and cocaine with a firearm.  Both charges are level 2 felonies, which could result in 10 to 30 years in prison if Allen is found guilty.

A jail spokesperson said that the additional charges of dealing heroin and cocaine were added after a warrant was issued for Allen’s arrest for allegedly dealing methamphetamine.  Allen was the team’s top tackler last season, with a total of 74 including 45 solo tackles.  He would have been entering his junior season had he not been arrested.  The university released a statement following the arrest, saying:

“Indiana University Athletics and the IU football program are aware of the arrest of junior defensive back Antonio Allen. Allen has been suspended from all football activities effective immediately. We will continue to gather facts, monitor the legal process, and take further action as the evolving situation warrants.”

Specifically, Allen is charged with:

Dealing cocaine, dealing in a narcotic drug manufacture/deliver/finance five and 10 grams, dealing in methamphetamine manufacture/deliver/finance five and 10 grams, dealing in methamphetamine one and five grams, level 2 charge for dealing in heroin of more than 10 grams (involving a firearm).

At the time of news reports, Antonio Allen was held on a $75,000 bond at the Monroe County Jail.

Michigan drug crime attorneys realize that individuals who are found guilty of certain drug crimes often face decades and even life in prison, along with significant fines.  The penalties a person may face when convicted of a drug offense depend on several factors including the type/amount of drug involved, whether weapons were involved, criminal history, whether the alleged crime took place within close proximity of a school, park, church, or home, and more.

Individuals who are charged with less serious drug offenses such as possession or use and where no firearms are involved may be able to avoid jail time through options which include rehabilitation, probation, in- or out-patient treatment, deferred or delayed sentencing, etc.  Drug courts in Michigan typically focus on rehabilitation options rather than punishment for those who may have addiction or abuse problems.

Regardless of your situation, it is important to contact an experienced and dedicated drug crime lawyer immediately when you have been arrested for any drug offense, or are under investigation in Michigan.  There are legal options; it may be possible to have charges dismissed or reduced, or explore other options that will minimize the damage to your life, reputation, and career.

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