Illinois Man with Suspended License Records Police Chase, Posts on YouTube

Most people who have had their driver’s license suspended know that if they take a risk and drive anyway, they better not flaunt the fact. Not so with a man who led police on a high-speed chase on his motorcycle and recorded the event with a bike-mounted camera before loading it up on YouTube. This incident occurred in Illinois in October of 2012.

31-year-old Hamza Ali Ben Ali was convicted last month of driving with a suspended license and aggravated fleeing/eluding police according to the Latin Post. Ali was riding a Honda CBR 1000 motorcycle when police attempted to pull him over, but he decided to have a little fun – while putting other people’s lives in danger.

On top of provoking police to chase him from a gas station he had pulled in to, Ali was wearing a GPS anklet due to past crimes he had committed. News reports indicate that the anklet recorded Ali’s speed in addition to his location; during the chase, he hit speeds of 115 mph. Ali put the final nail in the coffin by posting the video taken from a camera on his bike to YouTube.

Ali was sentenced to four years in prison.

Choosing to lead police on a high speed chase while wearing a GPS monitor and having a suspended license probably isn’t the smartest thing someone could do, but people do things that don’t make sense all the time. Perhaps it was the thrill of the chase. Unfortunately, Ali will no doubt lead a fairly dull life for the next four years while behind bars.

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