Identification of MLK High School Student Shot by Coach Confirmed

On Friday, February 1, a Martin Luther High School student was fatally shot at approximately 7:30 p.m. by the girls’ assistant basketball coach. The student has been verified as 16-year-old Michael Scott, who according to district spokesman Steve Wasko had enough credits to be considered a freshman, although he attended the MLK Jr. High School.

Coach Ernest Robinson, 70 years old, is licensed to carry a concealed firearm and a Detroit Police Department reservist. Robinson claimed that as he was escorting two female students to their vehicles in the school’s parking lot, Scott and another teen, who were armed, attempted to rob him and attack him. He then took out his gun and fired it, according to news reports.

Scott died after being shot; the other teen was reported in serious condition at a local hospital.

Scott may have been influenced by a new group of friends he had been hanging out with, according to family members who believed he was headed down a wrong path. The 16-year-old was also scheduled to attend trial in March in connection to an armed robbery at a pizzeria in December of 2012, according to court records.

Scott’s mother had stated that her son was a junior at the school, however DPS reported to a local news station that the teen was not enrolled in the school district at the time the shooting took place.

Investigators plan to analyze footage from surveillance cameras to determine what happened, and say that the cameras will play a crucial role in the investigation. Currently, Robinson has been released from custody and has not been charged. Detroit police would not reveal whether the case would be forwarded to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for review; on Monday, a prosecutor’s office representative said that no information had yet been received from police.

For Michigan criminal defense attorneys, this is a very sad and unfortunate situation. However, it hasn’t been made clear yet whether the basketball coach may be charged in the death at a future date, even though it appears he was acting in self defense. There are many individuals sitting in Michigan prisons today who were only trying to protect themselves and their lives.

If you are under investigation for homicide, manslaughter or murder, do not hesitate before contacting an aggressive and skilled Michigan criminal defense lawyer.

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