Hillsdale Man Pleads No Contest to Possession of Drugs

In October of last year, Rodney Gene Beumel was found asleep in his truck by Hillsdale City Police.  Officers found Beumel after receiving reports that his truck was parked in a way that was blocking traffic.

Upon finding Beumel and his truck in an alley near the hospital, police discovered the offender had an open container of alcohol inside his vehicle.  Upon further inspection, police found Beumel had prescription pills and methamphetamine, drugs he had no prescription for.  Earlier this month, Beumel appeared in court facing criminal charges that included driving under the influence of drugs and possession of drugs.  At his arraignment, a not guilty plea was entered on Beumel’s behalf.  In all, Beumel faced four felony charges although not all of the offenses were listed in news reports.

On the afternoon of his appearance in court, defense counsel and prosecutors were able to come to an agreement in which Beumel would plead no contest to possession of prescription pills.  In exchange for Beumel’s plea, he was not pursued under the habitual offender act and all other criminal charges against him were dismissed.  Beumel is schedule to be sentenced on the morning of February 8.

Although Beumel initially pleaded not guilty, there are situations in which it is actually beneficial to the defendant when a plea deal can be worked out between defense attorneys and prosecuting attorneys.  In cases where the evidence is solid and it isn’t likely a jury or judge will find the defendant not guilty, a plea deal is often the better option.

Had Beumel maintained his innocence, gone forward to trial, and been convicted, he would likely have faced more serious punishment than what he will now face.  He would have been facing four felony charges instead of the one charge he now faces.

Defendants (particularly first-time offenders) often think they have two options:  to plead guilty, or not guilty.  The fact is, there are several legal options for those accused of crimes, whether drug-related, DUI, or otherwise.  Plea agreements often result in a reduced or less serious criminal charge, which results in penalties that are less harsh.

A qualified criminal defense attorney works closely with clients, investigates the charges, examines the evidence, and does much more in an effort to help determine what legal option may be most beneficial for the client.  If you have been charged with any crime or are under investigation, make contacting a skilled defense lawyer your top priority.

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