Has Your Michigan Driver’s License Been Revoked or Suspended? Help is Available

Michigan drivers license suspension attorneys realize that in the state of Michigan, your license may be revoked or suspended for a variety of reasons. However, getting your privilege to drive back isn’t always easy – in fact, far from it. We all take our privilege to drive for granted, until it’s been taken away. If you have been charged with DUI, reckless driving, drug possession, or have multiple speeding violations, you may find yourself without a license.

Perhaps you were charged with driving on a suspended license. For many people, the reason this happens is that they did not have the money to pay court ordered fines and costs, or simply forgot to pay the judgment against them. When a ticket or fine is not paid by the date it is due, your license is suspended automatically. Some individuals are not aware of this; then, when they are stopped and charged with driving on a suspended license, it is a complete surprise. The unfortunate thing is that this is a very serious offense that could land you in jail for as long as 93 days and cost you up to $500.

If your license has been revoked because of OWI/DUI, it is particularly serious. Driving is not a right, it is a privilege, and one which the Driver License Appeal Division of the state of Michigan takes very seriously. Certain violations will result in your license being suspended or revoked automatically by the Secretary of State under Michigan law.

Essentially, it is critical that you have the charge amended to a civil infraction or dismissed before it gets reported to the Secretary of State. Your attorney will know which alternative is best in your particular situation, so that he or she can prevent the charge from being reported, which could ultimately mean that you can avoid points against your license, and fees.

The simple fact is that you need a skilled and reputable Michigan drivers license restoration lawyer on your side, as there is extensive preparation involved in getting your driver’s license privileges restored. If you were arrested for OWI or DUI, you must appeal in front of the DAAD (Driver Assessment and Appeal Division) of the Michigan Secretary of State. You have only a single opportunity for success at this hearing; otherwise, it will be another year before you can go before the DAAD again. Let a capable attorney make sure you are prepared, and that all goes well.

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