Hamtramck Doctor Accused of Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances and Medicare Fraud

A Hamtramck doctor has been put out of business, for now, after being accused of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and Medicare fraud. Dr. Qandil Basil, along with eight other people, was arrested according to Hamtramck police records.

Prosecutors claim that Qandil issued more prescriptions in the month of April 2012 than most hospitals do, at an average rate of 140 per day, or a total of more than 4,100 prescriptions during that month. In fact, news reports indicate that he wrote more prescriptions then Henry Ford Hospital Health System for controlled substances such as Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Alprazolam and Carisoprodol. After reviewing MAPS (Michigan Automated Prescription System), it was determined by investigators that Qandil wrote almost 80,000 prescriptions for controlled substances in the one year time span between August of 2011 and August of 2012.

The doctor claimed that he took care of 60 to 70 patients each day. An agent investigating the case stated that after consulting with Dr. Basil for one minute and 50 seconds, he obtained prescriptions for Daypro, Lipoderm ointment, Vicodin, Pro-Air and an unknown muscle relaxant – without previous doctor records.

According to Hamtramck police, Basil said that in a time span of 30 minutes, he could generally take care of 40 to 50 patients. When questioned how it was possible to see more than one patient per minute, Basil did not respond.

Hamtramck police were allegedly told by one woman that the doctor’s office only sees Medicare patients after 3 p.m., and that prior to that time Basil only takes cash payments. She alleged that the doctor tried numerous times to sell her Opana, Oxycodone and other pain medications that were unnecessary.

Authorities believe that Basil billed Medicare for medications that were not necessary, and for various services that they felt he could not have performed due to the unusually high number of patients he saw on a daily basis.

Individuals who are charged with distributing controlled substances or Medicare fraud face serious penalties if convicted. As experienced Michigan drug crime defense attorneys, we know the importance of obtaining skilled legal counsel to protect your career, legal rights, and freedom.

If you have been arrested for any criminal offense involving controlled substances or illegal drugs, it is urgent that you consult with an aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyer. Without effective legal guidance and representation, you face serious consequences.

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